#DevHack: language-specific settings in a VSCode extension

August 18, 2021

When working with Visual Studio Code and different types of languages, you might want to change some settings only for one specific language. In my case, this was what I wanted to achieve for Markdown. VSCode is my primary editor, which I use for coding and writing this article. I tried to optimize it for writing blog posts, like increase the line height, different font, and more.

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#DevHack: How to rename a file from a VSCode extension

August 16, 2021

Renaming a file is something that we do very often, but in my case, I wanted to do it from within a Visual Studio Code extension. When I first looked at the APIs and available documentation, I found the vscode.executeDocumentRenameProvider command and RenameProvider. Info Documentation from this can be found here built-in commands.

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#DevHack: Check if a VSCode extension is running in WSL

August 4, 2021

For the Front Matter Visual Studio Code extension, I needed to know if the current instance opened a Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) located project folder. By knowing this context, I could ensure that certain functionality works similarly to the default behavior on Windows and macOS. The solution The solution is a very simple one-liner:

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Generate open graph preview image in Code with Front Matter

August 2, 2021

Since I moved my blog to Hugo, I created a Front Matter - VSCode extension which makes content/article management easier within Visual Studio Code. A couple of versions ago, I added the ability to integrate your custom scripts. These will show up as actions in the Front Matter side panel. This functionality allows total flexibility to your content management workflow.

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Microsoft Graph Essentials extension released for VSCode

March 31, 2021

Recently I started working more and more with the Microsoft Graph again and the related toolkit. While I began to use a couple of the Microsoft Graph Toolkit (MGT) components, I wanted to change the styling a bit and add some custom templates. I noticed that there was not yet a Visual Studio Code extension that helps you with building apps with MGT.

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#DevHack: Caching data for your VSCode extension

March 24, 2021

For my Visual Studio Code extension to autocomplete the Microsoft Graph APIs, I wanted to improve the speed of the suggestions by implementing a cache. That way, you would not have to do the same API calls each time. In-memory cache has its limits Initially, I started with just an in-memory cache.

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