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Using GitHub Copilot's LLM in your Visual Studio Code extension

In the July 2024 release of Visual Studio Code, extension developers will be able to use GitHub Copilot’s Language Model API (LLM) to their advantage by using the Language Model API. This new Language Model API (LLM) allows you to retrieve the available LLMs in Visual Studio Code and make requests.

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Utilize command URIs for efficient documentation access in Visual Studio Code

One key benefit of using command URIs in your Visual Studio Code extensions is the ability to trigger commands from links in the editor. Those links can be added to various places in the extension, such as hover cards, notifications, webviews, and completion item details. info A command URI starts with the command: scheme followed by the command name and optional arguments.

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Integrate your Visual Studio Code extension in the Source Control Management input

For a new Visual Studio Code extension called CommitHelper, I wanted to integrate the extension in the Source Control Management (SCM) input. The extension should provide a list of predefined commit messages from which the user can select by using a slash / in the input field. Show image Source Control Management Input I got the idea from the GitHub Pull Requests extension that provides a similar experience when tagging/linking issues.

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How to set the timezone for your GitHub Codespaces

A couple of days ago, someone opened an issue for Front Matter CMS about the auto-update of the modified date in their articles that did not follow the date format. In the issue, they shared a video recording of the problem. I noticed that GitHub Codespaces was used. GitHub Codespaces provides you with a cloud-based development environment for your repository.

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Level Up Your Presentations: Slidev & Demo Time in VS Code

Ever since I created the Visual Studio Code - Demo Time extension, I have been experimenting with ways of taking full advantage of presenting my slides and demos more interactively. A couple of weeks ago at Cloud Summit, I did a presentation about GitHub Actions and scripted my whole slide and demo flow with the help of the Slidev and the Demo Time extension.

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