Adding a support link for your Visual Studio Code extension on the marketplace

While preparing a new release for Front Matter CMS, I noticed an API call to GitHub failing from the Visual Studio Code marketplace. While looking into it, it requested a file in the repository’s root.

Show image VSCode Marketplace - Call for the file
VSCode Marketplace - Call for the file

The VSCode Marketplace uses the following API format:


You can find more information in the get repository content GitHub API documentation.

This API returns more information about the file if it exists, like the download_url and html_url. The html_url links to the support page from the marketplace.

If you want to add a support link to your extension under the resources section. All you have to do is a file in the root of your repository. The content of the file can be anything you want. Once you push the file to the repository, the marketplace picks it up and displays the support link.

Show image VSCode Marketplace - Support link
VSCode Marketplace - Support link


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