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In one of my previous posts I explained how you can retrieve external / guest users via the Microsoft Graph API. Last week someone asked me if I knew how you can add guest users to an Office 365 Group via the Microsoft Graph API. As this was also a requirement for one of my...Read More →


For the past eight years, I worked as a consultant for Xylos and Ventigrate. I loved my job, I had great colleagues and worked on interesting projects. I am grateful for the opportunities and support I got while working for these companies. For some time now, I was thinking of heading in another direction. After...Read More →


A project I was working involved retrieving all external / guest users that have been added to Office 365 and especially to Office 365 Groups. As it had to build in to an Office 365 application I choose to work with the Microsoft Graph. First thing I did was retrieving all users with the standard...Read More →

Uploading images to your OneDrive with PowerApps

on Dec 19, 2016 by Elio Struyf with 1 comment


Since my last post, I got a couple of questions about uploading files to OneDrive or SharePoint. Last week I worked on a solution to find out how it "could" work(s). The only solution I found is not so elegant and it only works for OneDrive at the moment. There is no solution yet for...Read More →

Showing a spinner when loading data in PowerApps

on Dec 09, 2016 by Elio Struyf with 2 comments


This week I built my first application with PowerApps for our company. I wanted to create it via PowerApps to finally see its capabilities and to use it as a showcase for our customers. I must say that it is quite powerful, but some things are not so convenient and can be simplified. For my...Read More →


Yesterday our tenant got the new team news functionality. This functionality allows you to write news in your team site which gets published on the homepage or via the new news headlines web part. Info: SharePoint Online "team news" begins roll out to Office 365 First Release customers - As I started testing out...Read More →