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Along with acting as VP of BIWUG (Belgian Information Worker User Group), Elio is an independent contractor for his own consulting company, Struyf Consulting.

How to set the timezone for your GitHub Codespaces

A couple of days ago, someone opened an issue for Front Matter CMS about the auto-update of the modified date in their articles that did not follow the date format. In the issue, they shared a video recording of the problem. I noticed that GitHub Codespaces was used. GitHub Codespaces provides you with a cloud-based development environment for your repository.

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Level Up Your Presentations: Slidev & Demo Time in VS Code

Ever since I created the Visual Studio Code - Demo Time extension, I have been experimenting with ways of taking full advantage of presenting my slides and demos more interactively. A couple of weeks ago at Cloud Summit, I did a presentation about GitHub Actions and scripted my whole slide and demo flow with the help of the Slidev and the Demo Time extension.

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Fix admin consent for SharePoint token retrieval flows in your SPFx solution

There have been a couple of changes in SharePoint recently related to retrieving access tokens for your SharePoint Framework solutions. One of the changes is that MSAL V3 now uses the /_api/Microsoft.SharePoint.Internal.ClientSideComponent.Token.AcquireOBOToken API to retrieve the access token. Typically, this API was only used when loading your solution from Microsoft Teams, but it will now also be used when loading your solution from SharePoint.

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Using Playwright in combination with the Microsoft Dev Proxy on GitHub Actions

Part of the process of testing the Microsoft Dev Proxy on GitHub Actions, was to use it in combination with Playwright. The advantage of this combination is that you can use the same mocked API responses which you use during development to test your solutions. info That way you do not have to write additional code to mock your APIs in Playwright like I explained in the Test the unexpected API results with Playwright mocking article.

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Developing custom plugins for the Microsoft's Dev Proxy

For a training project I was working on, I needed to be able to intercept some API calls for some audit logging. To do this, I decided to use Microsoft’s Dev Proxy tool, which you use to simulate, mock, and test APIs. As the Dev Proxy did not have the functionality I needed out of the box, I decided to develop a custom plugin with the help of Waldek Mastykarz.

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Caching Dev Proxy in your GitHub Actions workflows

In the previous posts, I explained using the Microsoft’s Dev Proxy in a GitHub Actions workflow on a macOS and Ubuntu virtual machine. One thing I noticed is that the Dev Proxy installation fails in some runs. Show image Failed to install the Dev Proxy A way to solve this issue is by caching the Dev Proxy, and another benefit is that it speeds up your workflow.

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