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Utility/helper functions, every project uses them, but how do you get them to your projects. For our products, we use a common/shared library private npm package. By sharing this package to all our products, we do not have to reinvent the wheel every time, but also have to fix things in one place when there is a bug.


Something that bothers me for a long time is the comments in the SharePoint Framework component JSON manifest files. As you may know, JSON does not allow you to add comments to its content. Visual Studio Code will show some errors for it as well. VSCode comment errors in JSON I understand that comments are needed.


I do not know how many times you use the workbench, but I rarely use it. It is not that I do not like it, as the workbench is useful, but I want to be able to test my solutions in “real” pages. This way, I can see how everything comes together.


During the Corona crisis, most of us had to work from home. One of the devices I saw people making a lot of fuss about was the Elgato Stream Deck. As the name suggests, it intends to make streaming easier to give you a set of buttons you can use for quickly triggering actions.


Ringing your doorbell on your Sonos speakers Ding dong!!! Earlier this week, I changed my old doorbell to the Eufy video doorbell. When it arrived and wanted to install it, I found out that my current wiring with the intercom system was not supported. Luckily the doorbell has a battery, so instead of running on power coming from the old wires, it will run on the battery for six months.


Cypress is a fantastic front end testing tool but has one major limitation. I already blogged about it a while ago. The limitation is that it runs all tests within an iframe. This iframe approach makes sense, as it allows the tool to show the running tests and the page in one view.