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Along with acting as VP of BIWUG (Belgian Information Worker User Group), Elio is an independent contractor for his own consulting company, Struyf Consulting.

Migrate from Disqus to GitHub Discussions (giscus)

For years I have been using Disqus on my blog, and for a long time, I have been looking for a good alternative that would fit into the daily tools. Another reason why I wanted to move away from Disqus is because of their tracking and ads. A long time ago, I looked at utterances, a commenting system based on GitHub issues.

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Calling the GitHub GraphQL API from an app

For a migration from Disqus over to GitHub Discussions, I created a script that processes all comments and replies. One thing I noticed is that I quickly reached the rate limit with my personal access token, which prevents me from using GitHub for a while. I decided to use a GitHub App to overcome the issue of locking out my account.

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Finding your old GitHub Codespaces and deleting them

Over the weekend, I received a couple of emails I was running out of GitHub Codespaces storage. My limit is 20GB, but more interesting is that I rarely use codespaces. Show image GitHub Codespaces storage usage The last time I used Codespaces was about a year ago, but I couldn’t remember which repository it was.

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Someone is DDoS-ing my Azure Functions, and here is what you can do

Last week, all of a sudden, my Azure subscription got suspended. As the subscription runs on credits and is optimized to be way below the limit, I was surprised to see that I suddenly reached the spending limit. Usually, the monthly cost for the subscription is around 50-60 EUR. This month, it suddenly got above 150 EUR, but why?

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The story of buying a car and what went wrong with it

Let us go back to the end of 2020. My wife and I were chatting in the kitchen about buying a new car. One of the criteria of my wife the vehicle should have was to have seven seats as it would be easier to bring kids to tennis. I wanted to go for a fully electric car.

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Simplify Visual Studio Code extension webview communication

In Visual Studio Code extension webviews you probably need to get familiar with post-messaging communication. This post-messaging communication is used when you want to start a process, request information, etc. For this communication flow to work, the extension and webview can send and listen to incoming messages. Although this is not a complicated flow to understand, it quickly feels like a disconnected communication flow, as you cannot simply wait for a response.

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