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I’m currently working on a migration project at a client. It’s a migration from SharePoint 2010 to 2013, which involves some re-development and branding. For the branding part, where this post focusses on, a couple of new page layouts needed to be created. The purpose of these page layouts is to replace the old versions, and to move from five almost completely the same page layouts to only one page layout.


In this post I will show you how you can create a new master page that can be selected in the Site Layouts menu when you are changing the look of your site (Site Settings > Change the look). One part that I did not cover yet, is the Site Layouts option in the Composed Looks (Site Settings > Change the look > Select a composed look) and how you can add other layouts to it.


In the previous part I showed you how to manipulate the Asset Library Thumbnail view, so that it could be used as image gallery. In this part I will do a small update to the code, so that the first image will be used for the gallery. Adding gallery images In the first part I created a gallery section which looked like this:


Recently I was at a client that wanted to have something more useable for storing and showing their event pictures. The only thing that is possible out-of-the-box in SharePoint 2010 is working with a slideshow web part and the old picture library. That gave me the idea to implement a jQuery image gallery into the Asset Library.


The last XSLT demo I gave on SharePoint Saturday Belgium was about creating a Twitter web part by using a data view web part. Step 1 First of all you need to retrieve the Twitter search results as RSS feed. This can be done by navigating to the following URL: http://search.


This post explains the second demo that I showed at my SharePoint Saturday Belgium presentation. The second demo was about XSLT statements. XSLT statements are used to put a conditional test against the data source you are using. For example: If my value is equal to “deferred” than show or do this.