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#DevHack: Get the shared file info with Microsoft Graph

When you copy and share links from files, it creates a URL from which you cannot determine which file it is. For Squarl, I wanted to find out which file was behind a shared link to show the information about the file. First of all, the shared links look like this:

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Microsoft Graph Essentials extension released for VSCode

Recently I started working more and more with the Microsoft Graph again and the related toolkit. While I began to use a couple of the Microsoft Graph Toolkit (MGT) components, I wanted to change the styling a bit and add some custom templates. I noticed that there was not yet a Visual Studio Code extension that helps you with building apps with MGT.

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VSCode extension for autocompleting your Microsoft Graph API

While working on a project which uses Microsoft Graph APIs, I found myself opening the Microsoft Graph Explorer a lot to check which paths/parameters were available. The Microsoft Graph Explorer is a great tool, but I love not to change context too much. As I like to create Visual Studio Code extensions, I did not have to think long to start building a new extension.

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#DevHack: Dismiss messaging extension dialog in MS Teams

Currently, I am developing my first “real” Microsoft Teams app with SharePoint Framework. In this app, I am making use of the new messaging extension capability. Info what are messaging extensions? While developing a form in my extension, I wanted to cancel and submit a button. When I started implementing the cancel button, its onClick event, I was lost in how to close the dialog.

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#DevHack: Create SharePoint library with the Microsoft Graph

When you are reading this, you are looking to create a SharePoint library from the Microsoft Graph. It is straightforward but a bit confusing because you will have to use the lists endpoint. When you are a SharePoint developer, we all learned that a list is not the same as a library, and lists get created under the /lists/ URL path.

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DIY: Building a busy light to show your Microsoft Teams presence

For many of us, working from home is mandatory these days. For me, nothing major changed. I was already used to work from home since I joined Valo 2,5 years ago. One thing that has changed is that my children are now at home while I am working. Luckily I was prepared for it (I thought).

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