Microsoft Graph Essentials extension released for VSCode

March 31, 2021

Recently I started working more and more with the Microsoft Graph again and the related toolkit. While I began to use a couple of the Microsoft Graph Toolkit (MGT) components, I wanted to change the styling a bit and add some custom templates. I noticed that there was not yet a Visual Studio Code extension that helps you with building apps with MGT.

Microsoft Graph Essentials - was born

To make my life and that from many other developers out there more accessible. I started building a new extension that bundles all features in one.

The Microsoft Graph Essentials extension comes with snippets, code completion for CSS variables, and an extension pack.

Microsoft Graph Essentials Extension
Microsoft Graph Essentials Extension

If you are developing solutions with the Microsoft Graph, definitely check out the Microsoft Graph Essentials - Visual Studio Code Extension extension.

Info Autocompletion and snippets are automatically generated from the toolkit sources.

Feel free to provide feedback and/or ideas for improving the extension even more.


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