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The Playwright Reporter for GitHub Actions

August 28, 2023

For developers leveraging GitHub Actions to automate workflows E2E tests, Playwright provides excellent documentation on its use with GitHub Actions. By default, the setup uses the HTML reporter, offering a detailed look at test results. However, I found myself longing for a more straightforward overview of these results. This led me to develop a GitHub Actions reporter. This reporter captures all the test outcomes and presents them as a concise GitHub Actions summary.

GitHub Actions - Playwright test results
GitHub Actions - Playwright test results

With this, you can quickly discern how many tests passed or failed. When used alongside the HTML reporter, it also provides in-depth details of each test result.

How to use it?

To integrate the reporter into your workflow, start by adding it as a project dependency:

npm install @estruyf/github-actions-reporter

Next, you need to add the reporter to your playwright.config.js configuration:

import { defineConfig } from '@playwright/test';

export default defineConfig({
  reporter: [

Once set up, executing tests on GitHub Actions will display the results in the summary.

GitHub Actions reporter for Playwright with details markup
GitHub Actions reporter for Playwright with details markup

The reporter is also customizable, offering options such as detailed views and error displays. Dive into the GitHub Actions reporter documentation for a comprehensive understanding.

Give it a try and let me know your experiences. Feedback and suggestions are always appreciated!