GitHub Actions

Publishing your VSCode Extensions from GitHub Actions

March 23, 2021

Automation is key! That is how I think anyway. I’m not too fond of repetition, but for some reason, I had not yet automated my Visual Studio Code extension publishing. I always did this manually from my terminal by running vsce publish. With my latest extension, I thought, now is the time to automate this as well.

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#DevHack: Skip GitHub Actions on specific commits messages

March 19, 2021

In the doctor project, I try to do as much as possible in one GitHub Actions workflow. Having all logic in one workflow makes it more convenient but comes with a couple of complexities. Like, do you want to run each action for every type of commit/PR/…? The whole GitHub Actions workflow Why I want to skip actions/jobs in my workflow I host the documentation on Vercel.

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Restart your GitHub Actions workflow when something failed

March 10, 2021

Sometimes it happens that your GitHub Actions workflow fails. When this happens, it is appropriate to check what exactly went wrong before you restart it. Sometimes it could be a timeout or something that was incorrectly configured on the site to test. This issue is precisely the case for my doctor build/test/release GitHub Actions workflow as I do so many changes to test out the tool.

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#DevHack: GitHub Actions do not run step on schedule

February 25, 2021

When creating a whole new Github Actions workflow for Doctor, I wanted to do as much as possible from one workflow and be able to limit specific actions depending on how it triggered. I wanted my GitHub Actions to run on each push to the dev and main branch and run the tests on a schedule.

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Using Doctor in GitHub Actions for your documentation

February 19, 2021

Doctor is a tool that you can use to write your documentation in markdown and push it to your SharePoint. That way, you have one location to use and share the documentation in your company. In this article, I want to tell you more about how you can set up GitHub Actions to do automated documentation deployments.

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#DevHack: cross-platform testing your tool on GitHub Actions

December 18, 2020

One of the Doctor’s objectives, a documentation tool that converts markdown to SharePoint pages, was to make it usable cross-platform. Initially, I created this as an internal tool for Valo and would only be used on Azure DevOps or GitHub Actions. In the first release, I focussed on making the tool available to others like you and seeing if there was any interest in it.

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