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GitHub Actions

Dispatch a GitHub Action via a fine-grained Personal Access Token

March 24, 2023

Finally, I made a move with my blog to start using two repositories in production. One repository holds all the markdown content and assets, and another contains the content of my website. The reason for this change is that I want to use the content of my blog for testing out other static-site generators and frameworks.

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Adding or deleting GitHub project labels on issues

May 18, 2022

Since projects got added to GitHub, I started using it more and more. For Front Matter, I am using projects to manage its releases. Before projects, I used milestones, but with projects, it is easier to follow up on what things I still need to do before the release. GitHub Project example from Front Matter One thing I was missing was a sort of label in the issue list to easily spot which issues were already added to a project release.

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Deploy your Azure Functions as a package from GitHub Actions

May 3, 2021

For Squarl, I started to implement a couple of improvements for the back-end running on Azure Functions. I created these functions with TypeScript. In the past, I used webpack and later Azure Funcpack to bundle my functions to one file per function. That way, the host does not have to do all those read actions for retrieving the dependencies.

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Deploy your site to Vercel using GitHub Actions and Releases

April 26, 2021

One of my favorite hosting companies is Vercel as they can provide simplicity and flexibility at the same time. I wanted to control my site’s deployment process on Vercel entirely for a new product I am building. Usually, when you use Vercel in combination with GitHub. It will automatically trigger new deployments when you push code.

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Publishing your VSCode Extensions from GitHub Actions

March 23, 2021

Automation is key! That is how I think anyway. I’m not too fond of repetition, but for some reason, I had not yet automated my Visual Studio Code extension publishing. I always did this manually from my terminal by running vsce publish. With my latest extension, I thought, now is the time to automate this as well.

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#DevHack: Skip GitHub Actions on specific commits messages

March 19, 2021

In the doctor project, I try to do as much as possible in one GitHub Actions workflow. Having all logic in one workflow makes it more convenient but comes with a couple of complexities. Like, do you want to run each action for every type of commit/PR/…? The whole GitHub Actions workflow Why I want to skip actions/jobs in my workflow I host the documentation on Vercel.

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