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Normally subsites are displayed in a dropdown menu when the site collection publishing feature is activated. In this post I will show you how to display these subsites on their own navigation row. The end result is shown in the picture below. Hide the subsites dropdown menu First you need to hide the subsites dropdown...Read More →


In SharePoint 2007 a problem with JavaScript occurred when you used a recurring meeting workspace. When you clicked on the hyperlinks under "Select a date from the list below" a JavaScript error was thrown. Michmon found a solution for this problem and he made a blog post on MSDN about it. Now in the SharePoint...Read More →


Last week a customer indicated that layout problems could arise with list views. The problem arises when the amount of data/columns that is visible, exceeds the browser width. This creates an empty space next to the title row when the user scrolls horizontally. This problem occurs when loading the page, the JavaScript of SharePoint sets...Read More →


What if you could manage your task statuses by just a drag and drop action? Wouldn’t that be cool? This was the idea that a colleague and I had last week. Concept For this concept I am only going to use the following task statuses: Not Started In Progress Completed To visualise the task items,...Read More →


Some time ago I was testing out the Google Visualization API with SharePoint 2010 Rest functionality. The Google Visualization API is very handy if you want to visualize your data. My intention was to create a pie chart to visualise the task statuses. The data was consumed from the SharePoint 2010 REST service with the...Read More →

Minimal.master with footer

January 12, 2011


This blog post is created by a request of a commenter named Gane. He asked me how to add a footer section to the "minimal.master" master page. This master page is used for the search centers in SharePoint 2010. My previous solution for adding a footer to a master page, were based on the "v4.master"...Read More →