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In the years that I work with SharePoint, I have made several farm backups. Usually I can make use of a backup location in the same Active Directory forest as that from the SharePoint server. For a few times the backup location was located in another Active Directory forest where there was a trust between...Read More →


These days I get a lot of questions to change the font-family or font-size of a SharePoint 2010 site. As many of you will know you can easily change the font-family in the theme settings, but it will not be applied to all the elements. The same count for changing the font sizes in SharePoint...Read More →


Recently I was restyling the search results, and one of the expectations was to display a hyperlink to the site of origin of the result. Adding the site title of the returned results is very easy, this can be retrieved from the metadata property "SiteTitle". The web URL is a bit more difficult. My first...Read More →


Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) can be used to develop add-ins (and more) for an Office application. In combination with the SharePoint Client Object Model, it could be used to retrieve additional information from a SharePoint site were the file is located. You always need to specify a site URL when using the SharePoint...Read More →


Yesterday I found out that there is a problem/bug using the XSLT ddwrt:DateFormat function. The problem/bug occurs when the regional settings is not set to English (United States). When a day got the value between 1 and 12, the ddwrt:DateFormat function will recognize this as the month. The month value will be used as the...Read More →


When you need to downgrade/convert a SharePoint 2010 Visual Web Part to SharePoint 2007, you need to make the following changes to the user control to make it work for SharePoint 2007: In the Visual Web Parts User Control remove the following line: Change the version number of the following lines from to More →