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Clients that migrate from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010 may miss the old My Links functionality in their "new" environment. In SharePoint 2007, you had the option to add sites to your My Site by clicking on a link in the User Context Menu. In SharePoint 2010 this option is not there anymore. The functionality...Read More →


Yesterday I worked on a Dutch SharePoint 2010 site, and noticed a layout difference between a Dutch (1043) and an English (1033) site. As you can see there is a height difference (s4-titlerow) between the two sites. I examined the CSS to see which attributes were causing this height difference. I discovered that the height...Read More →


Problem When designing a SharePoint Designer workflow for a Dutch site, an error occurred when I used a language specific Start Approval Process action. The error only tells you that the workflow will not work: "Errors in the workflow prevent it from functioning correctly". It only highlights the Approval Process in red. "Het process Goedkeuring...Read More →


Some time ago, I wrote about a layout problem when using the People Search Box Web Part outside a SharePoint Search Center. Other layout problems occurs when you enable Query Suggestions for the Search Box Web Part. What I experienced is that two different layout problems occur: When Search Suggestions are enabled for the Search...Read More →


Since a couple of months I have encountered the User cannot be found error a few times when accessing the List Settings or Library Settings. In my case I encountered this error in the following scenarios: After switching the web application to Claims-based authentication; After migrating some sites to another SharePoint farm. Solution The solution...Read More →


In the years that I work with SharePoint, I have made several farm backups. Usually I can make use of a backup location in the same Active Directory forest as that from the SharePoint server. For a few times the backup location was located in another Active Directory forest where there was a trust between...Read More →