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How to Define a Custom Group Display Template (GroupTemplateId) for the Search Results WebPart via JavaScript

For my next blog post I needed to investigate how to use a custom Group Display Template for the Search Results WebPart. Unfortunately you can only set the Control Display Template and the Item Display Template in the Search Results WebPart properties. Show image Display Template Settings Search Results WebPart If you want to specify the group display template, you have two options:

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Data View Web Part: Create a Google Chart With XSLT

In this post I will explain how you could create a Google Pie Chart with the use of XSLT. The data that I am going to visualize are the tasks statuses, so that you get an overview of all the tasks. The pie chart that will be used is the following: Pie Chart.

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Visualise SP2010 Rest Data With Google Visualization API

Some time ago I was testing out the Google Visualization API with SharePoint 2010 Rest functionality. The Google Visualization API is very handy if you want to visualize your data. My intention was to create a pie chart to visualise the task statuses. The data was consumed from the SharePoint 2010 REST service with the help of jQuery.

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