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Reuse Page Ribbon Actions (PageStateCommands) Outside the Ribbon

This week I searched for a solution to reuse the page action buttons from the ribbon (Edit Page, Check In, Publish) in a page layout. It was a request of a client that wanted to make the page actions available on the page itself, so that it simplifies the creation/editing/publication process for the users.

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Quick Tip: Custom Action Tokens in SharePoint 2010 Designer

SharePoint 2010 Designer allows you to create custom actions for the SharePoint ribbon or the item context menu. Show image Custom Actions in SharePoint Designer These custom actions can be used to start a workflow, navigate to a form, and navigate to a custom URL. Show image Action Types For the last option you can make use of “Tokens”.

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Moving The Searchbox Into The Top Ribbon v4.master

I have seen that some people have difficulties with moving the searchbox position to the top ribbon in SharePoint 2010 v4.master file. Two months ago I did this for a client to have more space for all the subsites. Here is what I have done to let it work in IE 7 - 8 and Firefox.

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V4.master Sticky Footer With Docked Ribbon

After getting the footer working in the undocked version, I have tried to get it to work with a docked ribbon.

The problem is that SharePoint’s Javascript will automatically calculate the exact size of the div “s4-workspace” each time you click on the ribbon or a webpart. This will push the footer off the screen or the bottom from the scrollbar falls of the screen.

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V4.master Sticky Footer With Undocked Ribbon

Hi, This is actually my first blog post and it’s about my first real frustration and moment of joy with SharePoint 2010. This week I wanted to insert a “sticky” footer to my masterpage (v4.master). For two days I have tried to get it working on Internet Explorer and Firefox, but for some reasons it always came out as a disappointment.

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