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Building daemon or service app with the Microsoft Graph API

In my previous blog post I described the process how to create all day events with the Microsoft Graph API. I used this method for synchronizing an external planning system to Office 365. This enabled our users to go to a MVC site and manually start the synchronization process. The next thing on my to-do list was to create a daemon or service application which performs a synchronization on a scheduled basis via an Azure WebJob.

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Creating all day events with the Microsoft Graph on Office 365

Over the last couple of months I developed a calendar application that synchronized events from an external system to a user’s calendar in Office 365. For the event creation process I made use of the Microsoft Graph previous known as the Unified API which was still in beta at that time.

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Check if your mail app is opened in Outlook Web App or Outlook rich client

During the development for my proof of concept mail app, I needed to know in which context my app was running. By default you have the option to set the startpage for the desktop, tablet or mobile view (Set up a mail app for Outlook on tablets and mobile devices), but you do not have the option to change the view when opened in a rich client.

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How to add an attachment to a mail via an OWA App

For one of our company events later this month, I developed a demo OWA app which could add attachments to a mail. I used the following MSDN article to achieve this: Add and remove attachments to an item in a compose form in Outlook. In the article they give a good overview, but there is one little problem with the example code.

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