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Reporting your Playwright tests to Microsoft Teams

When you work in a team that uses Microsoft Teams as its primary communication tool, it can be useful to report your test results directly to a Teams channel. This way, everyone on your team can quickly see the test results and act on them if needed. Show image Playwright test results in Microsoft Teams In this article, I will show you how you can report your Playwright test results to a Microsoft Teams channel.

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Creating a PWA for your Microsoft Teams app

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are nothing new, but you see more and more websites implementing them. PWA provides you a way to bring your site as an app to your desktop/tablet/mobile. For Squarl, I first thought of creating a mobile app, but at the beginning of a new product. There is a lot to take care of, which made me feel a native mobile app is a right thing?

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Let us go back to the basics. Why I started building Squarl.

Pen and paper, that is all that we needed years ago to start send messages or information from one person to another. This way of communication is still available, as it is effective. People like to go to their mailbox to see if some envelopes are waiting to be opened. At least, that is when we are not expecting bills.

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#DevHack: Deep linking to Microsoft Teams in Android and iOS

This week #DevHack is about opening Microsoft Teams deep links from your solution/app. For a new proof of concept, I wanted to open a chat/app from my PWA app quickly. Luckily Microsoft Teams supports this with their deep links functionality. Info Read more about Microsoft Teams deep links here: deep links documentation In the documentation, it states that you must use the https://teams.

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End-to-End testing your Microsoft Teams solutions with Cypress

For a long time, I was looking for a way to start end-to-end test solutions in Microsoft Teams. The easiest way to start running these tests is against the web experience (https://teams.microsoft.com). That way, we can use tools like Cypress. Another reason to do these E2E tests with Cypress is that internally we use Cypress for all our E2E tests.

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