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Have you ever thought about checking your dependency for vulnerabilities?

We all have dependencies in our projects and you probably already read some articles about dependencies which include funky things to your project without you being aware of it. Sometimes we just include these libraries in our project just because they are cool, save us a lot of development time, or because it is a requirement.

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Sharing my managed metadata refiner display template

Do you have a refiner template that shows the refiners based on the hierarchy of a term set, or can you explain how to build it? These are probably two of the most asked questions I received the last couple of months/years. Back in 2015 I created such a template, but never shared it until today.

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Developing and testing JavaScript / Node.js Azure Functions locally

Azure functions are available for a while now. Their purpose is to have an event-driven compute without maintaining any server or applications. On my Azure environment, I have various of these small functions running. They all do different things like keeping my Azure search index up to date, sending notifications about my NPM packages, etc.

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Toggle settings in the property pane of your SharePoint Framework web part

With the SharePoint Framework it is fairly easy to configure the properties you want to expose in the property pane of your web part. All you have to do is specify each of the property pane fields you want to show in the propertyPaneSettings function underneath the groupFields property. Show image propertyPaneSettings function There are various types of property pane fields like text, dropdown, toggle, checkbox, and if that is not enough or you need a special one, you have the ability to build it yourself.

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Search web part created with the SharePoint Framework

Important I have created a new version of this web part that makes use of Handlebars templates. You can check out the code from this web part here: https://github.com/estruyf/react-handlebars-search. Older version of the web part Today I spend some time developing with the new SharePoint Framework. I must say the SharePoint team did an amazing job with creating the Yeoman template.

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How to debug your SharePoint Framework web part

Already a great number of blog posts have been written about the new SharePoint Framework release two days ago. With every new tool or framework, there is a learning curve. The best way of learning how the SharePoint Framework works is by reading the code and debugging it. This article focusses on how you can quickly debug your web part created with the SharePoint Framework.

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