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Integrate your Visual Studio Code extension in the Source Control Management input

For a new Visual Studio Code extension called CommitHelper, I wanted to integrate the extension in the Source Control Management (SCM) input. The extension should provide a list of predefined commit messages from which the user can select by using a slash / in the input field. Show image Source Control Management Input I got the idea from the GitHub Pull Requests extension that provides a similar experience when tagging/linking issues.

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Managing my Hugo website with a content and asset submodule

As a developer, I’ve found that managing my Hugo website’s content with a submodule has been an excellent solution for keeping everything organized and easily accessible. There are several benefits to using a submodule, including the ability to share content with others and reuse it on different sites. With a content submodule, all of your website’s content and assets are stored in a separate repository on GitHub.

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