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Automatically create GitHub issues on failed Playwright tests

As various projects I maintain for customers include end-to-end (E2E) tests using Playwright, which run on a daily schedule and on every new release, I wanted to automate following up on failed tests. Instead of manually creating issues, I automated the process using GitHub Actions and the GitHub API. This worked great, but I thought to myself, why not share this with the world?

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#DevHack: Skip GitHub Actions on specific commits messages

In the doctor project, I try to do as much as possible in one GitHub Actions workflow. Having all logic in one workflow makes it more convenient but comes with a couple of complexities. Like, do you want to run each action for every type of commit/PR/…? The whole GitHub Actions workflow Why I want to skip actions/jobs in my workflow I host the documentation on Vercel.

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Restart your GitHub Actions workflow when something failed

Sometimes it happens that your GitHub Actions workflow fails. When this happens, it is appropriate to check what exactly went wrong before you restart it. Sometimes it could be a timeout or something that was incorrectly configured on the site to test. This issue is precisely the case for my doctor build/test/release GitHub Actions workflow as I do so many changes to test out the tool.

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Using Doctor on Azure DevOps to generate your documentation

GitHub Actions is hot these days, but still, Azure DevOps is being used in many companies, and I do as well. Doctor a tool for publishing your markdown documentation on SharePoint, works nicely on Azure DevOps as well. Info I will use the doctor sample as the blueprint for this article.

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#DevHack: GitHub Actions do not run step on schedule

When creating a whole new Github Actions workflow for Doctor, I wanted to do as much as possible from one workflow and be able to limit specific actions depending on how it triggered. I wanted my GitHub Actions to run on each push to the dev and main branch and run the tests on a schedule.

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Manual GitHub workflow triggers for Azure Static Web Site

In July 2020, GitHub released a new manual trigger feature for its GitHub Actions workflows. This trigger allows you to run a workflow from the UI, or you can also use it to run it via an HTTP POST request. The HTTP POST request option makes it very useful to trigger your workflow to run from an external system.

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