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Back in October 2013 I wrote a post on how you could add your custom actions in a callout like this (Adding a custom action to a callout in SharePoint 2013): Callout with a custom action This time I had the requirement to only add an action for a specific file type.


A couple of weeks / months ago I wrote a blog post about how to you could hide the default social actions in the callout menu of a document library (blog post). The trick to remove these actions was to override the footer template rendering of the callout. This week I had the opposite question, how can you add a custom action to the callout with preserving the default actions.


This week I searched for a solution to reuse the page action buttons from the ribbon (Edit Page, Check In, Publish) in a page layout. It was a request of a client that wanted to make the page actions available on the page itself, so that it simplifies the creation/editing/publication process for the users.


In the previous parts I told you how you could enable the reorder functionality and create a custom reorder action in the ribbon. In this blog post I will cover how you could open the reorder page in a SharePoint dialog window. Everywhere in SharePoint you got dialog windows. So it would be much cleaner to modify the custom action to also use a dialog box.


In Order List Items Like in a Meeting Workspace: Part 1 I wrote how you could enable the order field on other lists. In this blog post I will cover how you could create a custom action to reorder the list items. Add a Custom Reorder Action to the List Open your site in SharePoint Designer 2010; Navigate to your list settings page in SharePoint Designer; List Settings in SharePoint Designer Under the List Settings tab, click Custom Action -> View Ribbon; Custom Action - View Ribbon In the Name textbox, fill in: Change Item Order; Select Navigate to URL under the action type, and fill in the following URL value: ~site/_layouts/Reorder.


Clients that migrate from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010 may miss the old My Links functionality in their “new” environment. In SharePoint 2007, you had the option to add sites to your My Site by clicking on a link in the User Context Menu. My Links Functionality in SharePoint 2007 In SharePoint 2010 this option is not there anymore.