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Uploading images to your OneDrive with PowerApps

Since my last post, I got a couple of questions about uploading files to OneDrive or SharePoint. Last week I worked on a solution to find out how it “could” work(s). The only solution I found is not so elegant and it only works for OneDrive at the moment. There is no solution yet for SharePoint.

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Showing a spinner when loading data in PowerApps

This week I built my first application with PowerApps for our company. I wanted to create it via PowerApps to finally see its capabilities and to use it as a showcase for our customers. I must say that it is quite powerful, but some things are not so convenient and can be simplified.

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Combining multiple Office Apps into one global add-in

The first thing when you create a new Office App is that you have to choose which type of app you want to create. You have the following app shape types you can choose of: Task pane Content Mail Show image Office App shapes Each of these app shape types is designed for a specific application.

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Things you need to know when implementing Azure AD in your Office add-ins

Some time ago I wrote a sample Office app made use of Azure Active Directory to get access to SharePoint resources. I experienced some different behaviour in my Office App between the online client (Outlook Web App) and the rich client. This post describes the behaviour I noticed when implementing Azure AD authentication in my Office App.

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Find out in which Office rich client your Office APP is opened

Some time ago I posted an article about how you can check in which context your mail APP has been opened in OWA or the Outlook rich client (read the post here). I needed that solution for a proof of concept mail app. The mail app is finished, so I wanted to go a step further and I also made the APP work in the other Office applications.

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Missing the Apps you can add Zone When Adding a New App

This week a client mentioned an issue when they want to add new apps to their sites. The issue is that they do not see the Apps you can add zone on the app creation page (your-site/_layouts/15/addanapp.aspx). They only see the Noteworthy apps: Show image Noteworthy Apps The sites on which this problem occurs have custom branding applied.

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