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GitHub Star | M365 Development, Developer Technologies MVP | Google Developer Experts Azure | Microsoft 365 | Visual Studio Code

Along with acting as VP of BIWUG (Belgian Information Worker User Group), Elio is an independent contractor for his own consulting company, Struyf Consulting.

#DevHack: Fetching sponsors via the GitHub GraphQL API

February 24, 2022

To automate the roll-up of sponsors for Front Matter on the website. I started to look through the GitHub Rest API documentation to check it could receive this kind of information. Unfortunately, the Rest API does not provide you with this information, so I went to where the cool kids go these days, GraphQL.

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#DevHack: VS Code extension storage options

February 22, 2022

For Front Matter and another VS Code extension which is currently in development, I wanted to understand which options there are for storing data. Data can be anything, for some extensions, it will be settings, for others, it is more complicated sets of data. In this article, I will give you an overview of all the available storage options and when to use them.

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A code-driven approach to theme your VS Code webview

January 31, 2022

When it comes to theming the webview’s content of your Visual Studio Code extensions, the proposed way by the Visual Studio Code team is to use the provided CSS variables from the current theme. Although, in some cases, you want a bit more control, or make sure it matches what you want to achieve.

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Taking the good out of the bad experiences, wrapping up 2021

December 24, 2021

What!? It is already the end of 2021! All I can say about 2021 is that life takes you to unexpected places. Even in the last two weeks of 2021, things happened for which I far from prepared. In some circumstances of the events that occurred this year, I wish I could give myself the potential of just taking a break.

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Use React in your VSCode WebView with hot module replacement

December 17, 2021

For Front Matter and another extension, I am currently developing. I use the Visual Studio Code WebView API heavily as it provides fully customizable views for your panels or tabs. It allows any company and developer to create their own unique experiences. One of the things I did for a long time was manually hitting the refresh button each time I updated the code.

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#DevHack: check how your VSCode extension is running

December 17, 2021

When developing Visual Studio Code extensions, it might come in handy to know when running a production- or debug-build. Typically in Node.js projects, we verify this by using the NODE_ENV environment variable. Unfortunately, this approach cannot be used as VS Code runs in a different instance, and environment variables are lost.

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