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Yesterday I worked on a Dutch SharePoint 2010 site, and noticed a layout difference between a Dutch (1043) and an English (1033) site. Height difference between a Dutch and an English site. As you can see there is a height difference (s4-titlerow) between the two sites. I examined the CSS to see which attributes were causing this height difference.


Problem When designing a SharePoint Designer workflow for a Dutch site, an error occurred when I used a language specific **Start Approval Process **action. The error only tells you that the workflow will not work: “Errors in the workflow prevent it from functioning correctly”. It only highlights the Approval Process in red.


Some time ago, I wrote about a layout problem when using the People Search Box Web Part outside a SharePoint Search Center. Other layout problems occurs when you enable Query Suggestions for the Search Box Web Part. Query Suggestions What I experienced is that two different layout problems occur:


Since a couple of months I have encountered the **User cannot be found **error a few times when accessing the List Settings or** Library Settings**. User cannot be found In my case I encountered this error in the following scenarios: After switching the web application to Claims-based authentication; After migrating some sites to another SharePoint farm.


In the years that I work with SharePoint, I have made several farm backups. Usually I can make use of a backup location in the same Active Directory forest as that from the SharePoint server. For a few times the backup location was located in another Active Directory forest where there was a trust between the Active Directory forests.


These days I get a lot of questions to change the font-family or font-size of a SharePoint 2010 site. As many of you will know you can easily change the font-family in the theme settings, but it will not be applied to all the elements. The same count for changing the font sizes in SharePoint 2010.