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This session will cover an overview of how to customize SharePoint 2013 sites and pages – similar to the activities you would have used SharePoint Designer for with the 2010 platform. These non-workflow or branding activities include conditional formatting, customizing views, etc… If you are a SharePoint 2010 power-user that utilized SharePoint designer for page customization, this session will show you what options are available with 2013.


In this session we’ll deep dive on how to use modern web tools like jQuery and CSS3 to build dynamic, search-driven web sites. We’ll show you how to create custom Display Templates that provide modern and interactive experiences to your online users. Ethan Gur-esh, Jeremy Kelley gave this session.


Come on a tour of the common development tasks needed to take advantage of the full power of SharePoint 2013 Search. Ingest content from external sources via the BCS. Enhance content prior to indexing via Content Enrichment. Pinpoint relevancy with contextual targeting with Query Rules. Leverage the Search Client Object Model to power search driven applications.


The process of building, branding and delivering a well-designed web site is more than just skin deep. In this session we will walk you through best practices for planning, creating and deploying engaging web sites with SharePoint 2013 for both on-premises installations as well as SharePoint Online. We will also share best practices around the branding process with lessons learned from real world SharePoint branding projects.


Search-driven solutions are applications that use a search engine to drive the data access and results presentation. Simple examples of such applications include image or travel searches in Bing. Microsoft SharePoint 2013 offers developers new ways to extend search to create search-based solutions and Apps. In this session, we will build a Search-driven SharePoint app that allows a law firm to manage proposals, people, offices, and experiences.


Learn about People Search capabilities in SharePoint 2013, and how to leverage external content sources (LOB) to create custom experiences based on user profile properties. Finally, learn how to deliver a user context aware personalized search experience. This session was given by Sana Khan, Mikael Svenson Summary: People are the real value of your organization