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Get the SharePoint site behind an Office 365 Group via the Microsoft Graph

Back in January, I wrote an article about how you could retrieve the site URL of an Office 365 Group.

Linked article: Get the site URL of an Office 365 Group via the Microsoft Graph

The way how I achieved it back then was via calling the drive end-point and parsing the site URL from the response.

While I was testing out something today on the Graph Explorer, I noticed a new SharePoint Group end-point (atm only available on the beta endpoint). This makes it even easier to get the webUrl.

Info: At this moment, I did not find any details yet about the API end-point in the beta documentation, but I am sure that it would not be for long until this is also covered.

The new API endpoint can be called as follows:<group-id>/sites/root

Here is a sample:

Show image SharePoint site URL behind a group
SharePoint site URL behind a group

When you only need the webUrl, you just have to call it as follows:<group-id>/sites/root?$select=webUrl or<group-id>/sites/root/weburl


Apparently, Mikael Svenson had already posted this on his blog: Microsoft Graph adds SharePoint endpoint for Groups in the beta branch.


A client discovered today that the SharePoint API end-point was not available anymore. The article has been updated with the new API endpoint to use.


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