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In my previous post I described how you could create a new color palette for SharePoint 2013. In this post I will describe how you could easily change the font scheme of your website by creating your own font scheme file. The first thing you need to do is download an existing font scheme from the theme gallery (Site Settings > Themes).


One of the new functionalities in SharePoint 2013 is that themes are split up in multiple files. Color Palette files; Font Scheme files. When you want to create a new color palette in SharePoint 2013, you can start by going to Site Settings > Themes. In the theme gallery click on a color palette (ex.


A lot has been changed in the new version of SharePoint when working with SharePoint themes. One of the biggest changes is that it no longer works with Office themes. In SharePoint 2013 they split up all the design elements, which makes it more powerful than in the previous versions.


In the previous part I showed you how to manipulate the Asset Library Thumbnail view, so that it could be used as image gallery. In this part I will do a small update to the code, so that the first image will be used for the gallery. Adding gallery images In the first part I created a gallery section which looked like this:


Recently I was at a client that wanted to have something more useable for storing and showing their event pictures. The only thing that is possible out-of-the-box in SharePoint 2010 is working with a slideshow web part and the old picture library. That gave me the idea to implement a jQuery image gallery into the Asset Library.


People that are using the Office 365 P1 Plan they probably already noticed that the footer does not stick at the bottom of the page. But I do not like the empty white space at the bottom, so I thought to fill it up and make the footer stick to the bottom of the page.