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Creating timer dismissable notifications in a Visual Studio Code extension

Notifications in Visual Studio Code are trivial for your extensions to notify the user when something happens or a process completes. A downside of these notifications is that they cannot be dismissed programmatically; they require manual user interaction. As in my current extension, I wanted to be able to have a notification that can do the following:

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Cancel progress programmatically in Visual Studio Code extensions

With the Visual Studio Code progress notification (vscode.window.withProgress), you can make it cancellable. This cancellable option allows the user to cancel it by clicking on a cancel button. Show image Progress notification in Visual Studio Code What if you want to cancel it programmatically? That was the case for one of my extensions.

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Make your authentication provider work in GitHub and Gitpod codespaces

In the previous article, I explained how you could ensure your URI handler works in GitHub codespaces and Gitpod. Now it is time to explain more about making an authentication provider that works on GitHub codespaces and Gitpod. The authentication flow In the extension I am working on, we use the OAuth 2.

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#DevHack: using the Visual Studio Code's URI Handler in codespaces

If you are reading this article, you know what a URI handler in Visual Studio Code is, but in case you do not. A URI Handler allows you to create a callback into your extension. Typically this is used in authentication flows to open your browser, fill in your credentials, and get redirected back into Visual Studio Code.

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