September, 2016


Azure functions are available for a while now. Their purpose is to have an event-driven compute without maintaining any server or applications. On my Azure environment, I have various of these small functions running. They all do different things like keeping my Azure search index up to date, sending notifications about my NPM packages, etc....Read More →


I have been running this blog since 2010. Over the years I have switched from a couple of hosting providers. Since two years I completely moved to Azure for hosting my site. The experience in performance and configuration is much better compared to the others, the only downside was the MySQL database. Azure did not...Read More →


I just got a question from someone who wanted to know how to retrieve all the Office 365 Group documents he had access to. When you are having a lot of groups in your organization, files could be spread across them. Search is in most cases the answer to finding your documents easily. So having...Read More →


With the SharePoint Framework it is fairly easy to configure the properties you want to expose in the property pane of your web part. All you have to do is specify each of the property pane fields you want to show in the propertyPaneSettings function underneath the groupFields property. There are various types of property...Read More →