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Along with acting as VP of BIWUG (Belgian Information Worker User Group), Elio is an independent contractor for his own consulting company, Struyf Consulting.

Using CLI for Microsoft 365 in TypeScript Azure Functions

The CLI for Microsoft 365 allows you to manage your Microsoft 365 tenant settings and data. It provides a powerful and flexible way to automate tasks for Microsoft 365, and lately, I have been using it in my Azure Functions to automate a couple of tasks. In this article, I will show you how to use the CLI for Microsoft 365 in TypeScript Azure Functions by explaining the following:

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Adding a support link for your Visual Studio Code extension on the marketplace

While preparing a new release for Front Matter CMS, I noticed an API call to GitHub failing from the Visual Studio Code marketplace. While looking into it, it requested a SUPPORT.md file in the repository’s root. Show image VSCode Marketplace - Call for the SUPPORT.md file The VSCode Marketplace uses the following API format: https://api.

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Running .NET Azure Functions on macOS and Visual Studio Code

TypeScript is typically my go-to language for building any solution, but sometimes, you must use what is best for the job. In my current project, I am using .NET Core to build Azure Functions, and I had to get myself familiar with using .Net Core and Azure Functions on macOS.

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Help my browser keeps refreshing my SharePoint page

One of my customers reported that their SharePoint page kept refreshing in Firefox. While investigating the issue, it turned out it was an issue with the Microsoft Graph permission scope that was missing. All we had to do was approve the permission scope in the SharePoint Admin Center - API access page, and it was fixed; the page stopped refreshing.

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Protect your API/auth keys by keeping those out of your Visual Studio Code settings

While implementing the i18n (internationalization) features in Front Matter CMS, I wanted to include the ability for users to use DeepL to translate their content automatically. To be able to use DeepL, you need to have an authentication key, and the user will provide this authentication key. Initially, I defined it as a configurable setting in the extension.

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Using GitHub Project webhooks to manage labeling repo issues

For managing the Front Matter CMS releases, I have been using GitHub Projects in combination with GitHub Actions for automatically labeling my issues, which I add to the Project board. I must say: “Add to my Project (classic) board.” The classic Projects experience has been discontinued, and there is a big difference when using the new Projects experience, which is creating projects on the user or organization level.

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