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A while ago I wrote two articles about how you can automate the publishing process of your SharePoint Framework scripts and solution package via custom gulp tasks. Info: you can find the articles here and here. These gulp tasks are already a great step forward but still, requires you to manually launch these gulp commands...Read More →


Last week I published a sample project on GitHub which shows how you can test your SharePoint Framework components with some predefined unit tests. Info: here is a link to the repo - The current sample is created with React. The unit tests are created only to test the actual component instead of the...Read More →


Probably one of the great things about App Service is that you can easily secure your applications via Azure Active Directory. Securing a Web API or API App can easily be achieved by enabling theĀ app service authenticationĀ option and selecting Azure Active Directory. The express configuration only requires a few clicks until you have it all...Read More →


I am currently busy with preparations for my next course about development on Azure. One of the things that is covered in the course is Logic Apps. Today I was exploring the development options and what you could achieve by creating / integrating custom APIs. Custom APIs enable you to extend your logic app flow...Read More →


Back in January, I wrote an article about how you could retrieve the site URL of an Office 365 Group. Linked article: Get the site URL of an Office 365 Group via the Microsoft Graph The way how I achieved it back then was via calling the drive end-point and parsing the site URL from...Read More →


We all get a lot of emails every day. Did you know that some of these emails are being tracked by others? There are various kinds of email trackers available, most of them work by inserting hidden images and/or changing the links in the mail by a tracking prefix. This allows them to see when...Read More →