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Pinning SharePoint 2010 Sites With IE9

Thanks to Katrien De Graeve for giving me the inspiration of this blog post. Last week on the HTML5 Web Camp session in Belgium, she talked about the site pinning functionality of IE9. She also recommended a jQuery plugin called ie9ify that makes site pinning integration much easier. The day after the session I started experimenting with the ie9ify plugin, and it was working as suspected.

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Adding a Subsites Navigation Level Under the Global Navigation Row

Normally subsites are displayed in a dropdown menu when the site collection publishing feature is activated. Show image Subsite navigation dropdown In this post I will show you how to display these subsites on their own navigation row. The end result is shown in the picture below. Show image Final result Hide the subsites dropdown menu First you need to hide the subsites dropdown menu from the global navigation.

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Problem With List Views That Exceeds Browser Window Width

Last week a customer indicated that layout problems could arise with list views. The problem arises when the amount of data/columns that is visible, exceeds the browser width. This creates an empty space next to the title row when the user scrolls horizontally. Show image This problem occurs when loading the page, the JavaScript of SharePoint sets the browser window width to the title row element.

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Moving The Searchbox Into The Top Ribbon v4.master

I have seen that some people have difficulties with moving the searchbox position to the top ribbon in SharePoint 2010 v4.master file. Two months ago I did this for a client to have more space for all the subsites. Here is what I have done to let it work in IE 7 - 8 and Firefox.

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V4.master Sticky Footer With Docked Ribbon

After getting the footer working in the undocked version, I have tried to get it to work with a docked ribbon.

The problem is that SharePoint’s Javascript will automatically calculate the exact size of the div “s4-workspace” each time you click on the ribbon or a webpart. This will push the footer off the screen or the bottom from the scrollbar falls of the screen.

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