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Help your users by providing additional search combinations

In my session about improving your SharePoint search experiences that I presented at SPSBE and SPSParis, I discussed various tips and tricks to improve the search experience for a user. One of these tips was about visualizing other search keyword combinations. One of the problems users may experience is that they do not know which keywords to enter for their search queries.

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Search JavaScript calls not working for anonymous users and how to fix it

Back in December 2013 I wrote an article in which I explained how you could dynamically switch the result source with a search query keyword. Note: You can find the article over here - Dynamically changing the result source in a SharePoint 2013 search center. The past few weeks I have got the same question a couple of times how to make it work for anonymous users.

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View Duplicate Results in the SharePoint 2013 Search Center via JavaScript

The blog post about how to dynamically change the result sources in a search center was based on a solution that I created to show the duplicated results in a search center with JavaScript. A standard Search Center in SharePoint 2013 doesn’t show the duplicated results by default. You have two options to view the duplicates:

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Dynamically Changing the Result Source in a SharePoint 2013 Search Center

Almost two months ago Pascal Van Vlaenderen asked a question on twitter if there’s a way to specify the Result Source in the QueryString (https://twitter.com/VanVlaenderenP/status/392920559853383680). Since that time, this question was on my to-do list to check this out. What I proposed back then, was to change the result source in the data provider object with JavaScript.

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Adding Custom Search Suggestions in SharePoint 2013

By default search suggestions are enabled on the default search boxes in SharePoint 2013. Show image Search Suggestions Server administrators are still able to manually add search suggestions via PowerShell, but the commands have been changed a little. Check out the following blog post how to do it in SharePoint 2010.

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Branding the Search Box in SharePoint 2013

Since SharePoint 2013 introduced the display templates, branding elements has been made a lot easier. Like for instance when you want to brand the search box on your site. In the previous versions you mostly started the job by overriding the standard CSS of SharePoint. This approach will still work, but there is now an easier way.

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