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This week I received a question from someone asking me about how you could retrieve the value from a lookup field in a JS Link field rendering file. Solution Retrieving the value from a lookup field is easier than it used to be when working with XSL in SharePoint 2007 / 2010.


A few days ago a clever reader of my blog has informed me about a problem with the Create a “% Complete” Progress Bar with JS Link in SharePoint 2013 solution. He told me that when you apply the JS Link JavaScript to the web part, the checkboxes task checkboxes are rendered as Yes / No values.


SharePoint 2013 has a lot new features and functionalities that it can do out-of-the-box. One of these new functionalities is the JS Link web part property. With this property you are able to control the rendering of the web part. This will mostly be used in combination with List View Web Part.