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PnP Virtual Conference: Start UI testing your solutions

On the first of September 2020, the PnP team organized its first virtual conference. The conference had lots of great sessions, and I am sure you would have had a hard time picking the sessions you wanted to follow. You know what they say, choosing is losing. Actually, that is not true.

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Why I picked Cypress over Selenium

For the PnP Virtual Conference, I did a talk about how to start with UI testing. During the session, someone asked me why my preference is Cypress and not Selenium. As the session was only 30 minutes, it is hard to fit every bits and piece in it. That is the intention of this article to tell you why we are using Cypress.

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End-to-End testing your Microsoft Teams solutions with Cypress

For a long time, I was looking for a way to start end-to-end test solutions in Microsoft Teams. The easiest way to start running these tests is against the web experience (https://teams.microsoft.com). That way, we can use tools like Cypress. Another reason to do these E2E tests with Cypress is that internally we use Cypress for all our E2E tests.

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How to use Cypress to test your SharePoint solution with an Azure AD-secured API

How to use Cypress to test your SharePoint solution with an Azure AD-secured API In January 2020, I explained my approach to how you can make use of Cypress to test out your SharePoint solutions. Cypress is great to use and simple to configure. I like the capability of running individual tests on your local machine to verify if the solution is still working as expected once you implemented changes, and do full runs after nightly builds.

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