Code coverage

Extend Karma to get better code coverage and test reports for your SharePoint Framework solutions

September 26, 2017

In one of the previous posts I showed that since SharePoint Framework version 1.2.0, code coverage reports were added. When you run the gulp test task, it will execute the tests, and generate a code coverage report which you can find under the temp/coverage/js project folder. Read more about this in the following article: SharePoint Framework code coverage reports for unit-tests

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SharePoint Framework code coverage reports for unit-tests

September 15, 2017

A while ago I wrote an article about writing unit tests for your SharePoint Framework components. One of the missing things was a code coverage report to check how well you unit-test your codebase. Read more: Writing unit-tests for your SharePoint Framework components Apparently, with the v1.2.0 of SharePoint Framework they added a tool called Istanbul which can generate such reports.

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