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Caching Dev Proxy in your GitHub Actions workflows

In the previous posts, I explained using the Microsoft’s Dev Proxy in a GitHub Actions workflow on a macOS and Ubuntu virtual machine. One thing I noticed is that the Dev Proxy installation fails in some runs. Show image Failed to install the Dev Proxy A way to solve this issue is by caching the Dev Proxy, and another benefit is that it speeds up your workflow.

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#DevHack: Caching data for your VSCode extension

For my Visual Studio Code extension to autocomplete the Microsoft Graph APIs, I wanted to improve the speed of the suggestions by implementing a cache. That way, you would not have to do the same API calls each time. In-memory cache has its limits Initially, I started with just an in-memory cache.

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What is the right approach to cache data in your solution?

We all want to be the fastest. We all want to make sure our apps outperform others, but what do you need to do for it? In this article, I will explain what the best approach is to cache your solutions. Important When building on top of a platform like SharePoint, you will always have to deal with the fact that you cannot be faster than the platform itself.

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