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Render your Astro markdown content for your overviews

I wanted to create a roll-up of the latest news articles on our new BIWUG community site (which still needs to be released). Show image BIWUG News Rollup When I retrieved the news collection data, I only got the front matter data and the markdown content. Looking at the Astro documentation, I found several ways to get the HTML.

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Leveraging Astro for React App Performance Boost

Earlier this week, I was working on optimizing an internal analysis website that uses many JSON files for its content collections. During the local development and with smaller datasets, the website was super fast, but when I received a larger dataset, I noticed that the website got very slow. The slowness mainly came from the amount of data and the processing in React.

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Symlink your content in Astro: a simple solution for greater portability and flexibility

Astro is a powerful static-site generator that allows developers to build lightning-fast websites. However, when trying to create a more portable and flexible blog by separating content from the website’s source, I faced issues with symlinks/content not being recognized/found. In this blog post, I’ll walk you through a simple solution to this problem and explain how you can easily symlink your content to an Astro project.

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