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My intention was to write three blog posts on this topic, but a commenter told me that a problem arises with blog post items. The counters always return zero. In this part I will show you why this is happening and what you could do to solve this. Blog with social features First of all the reason why it is happening.


In the previous parts I showed you how to retrieve all tags for a specific page/item. In this part (the last one) I will show you how you can integrate these tags into your design. This will be the final result: Social Tags Results User Control You have various possibilities to show these tag results on your page.


In the previous part I talked about retrieving the number of tags by code. The problem was that the **GetTags **method from the SocialTagManager class, could only retrieve tags from a specific user. In this part I show you a way to retrieve the all the tags for a specific location/page.


Social media is a trending topic these days, more and more companies start to use it. As you may know, SharePoint 2010 also got social features like for example: tagging, I like it, social comments, etc. But these social features are nothing compared to the social features like Facebook. When somebody “likes” a page or “tags” a page, it is not displayed to the other users.


In this post I will explain how you could create a Google Pie Chart with the use of XSLT. The data that I am going to visualize are the tasks statuses, so that you get an overview of all the tasks. The pie chart that will be used is the following: Pie Chart.


This week a client made me aware that links in the top navigation and in the quick launch (from SharePoint 2010) cannot be opened in a new tab from the Right-Click menu of Internet Explorer. If you try to do it, the option is not available. Right-Click menu If you do it on a regular link, you should get the following Right-Click menu.