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This week I searched for a solution to reuse the page action buttons from the ribbon (Edit Page, Check In, Publish) in a page layout. It was a request of a client that wanted to make the page actions available on the page itself, so that it simplifies the creation/editing/publication process for the users.


In the previous parts I told you how you could enable the reorder functionality and create a custom reorder action in the ribbon. In this blog post I will cover how you could open the reorder page in a SharePoint dialog window. Everywhere in SharePoint you got dialog windows. So it would be much cleaner to modify the custom action to also use a dialog box.


In Order List Items Like in a Meeting Workspace: Part 1 I wrote how you could enable the order field on other lists. In this blog post I will cover how you could create a custom action to reorder the list items. Add a Custom Reorder Action to the List Open your site in SharePoint Designer 2010; Navigate to your list settings page in SharePoint Designer; List Settings in SharePoint Designer Under the List Settings tab, click Custom Action -> View Ribbon; Custom Action - View Ribbon In the Name textbox, fill in: Change Item Order; Select Navigate to URL under the action type, and fill in the following URL value: ~site/_layouts/Reorder.


As you may or may not know, there is functionality in the Meeting Workspaces to reorder the discussion points on the agenda. This functionality enables you to change the order of the discussion points, but you can also enable this functionality on other lists. It requires some manual steps which are explained in this blog post.


On the 30th of November I went the Biwug sessions about SharePoint 2010 Multilingual User Interface. It were very interesting sessions that gave a good overview of variations, language packs, resource files, … Based on what I heard in this sessions, I wanted to make a small addition related to the branding process and MUI.


When you want to create a SharePoint 2010 sandbox branding solution, you will notice that your files will be in draft (Checked out). This means that these files are not available yet for all users. Therefore two actions need to be done for each file: Check in the file; Approve the file.