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Get to know of which Office 365 Groups a user is a member of (Microsoft Graph)

January 25, 2017

Getting to know to which Office 365 groups users are a member of, is very useful information. You can use this information for building your own group applications or to keep a record where users have access to (governance / guest access).

The way to retrieve the groups is already documented in the Microsoft Graph documentation, but it is a bit hidden and deserves more attention.

Microsoft Graph documentation: - look for: GET unified groups I’m member of.

Office 365 Groups I am a member of

If you want to know the groups you are a member of. You can call the following API:

1$/$filter=groupTypes/any(a:a eq 'unified')

Based on the following article: Office 365 Groups REST API. There is an easier way to get the groups where you are a member of:


Info: At the moment, I have not found any reference to this endpoint in the documentation (only on the relationships list of the user: relationships) and it seems that it is already available on v1.0.

Office 365 Groups where the user is a member of

If you want to know to which groups a user is a member of, you can only make use of the memberOf endpoint. The endpoint to call is:

1<user-id>/memberOf/$/$filter=groupTypes/any(a:a eq 'unified')


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