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This week a customer informed me that they were experiencing some problems with a web part someone developed. The web part showed the latest discussion board messages, but suddenly they received an error from the web part. In the beginning we thought that it all had to do with special characters.


The last XSLT demo I gave on SharePoint Saturday Belgium was about creating a Twitter web part by using a data view web part. Step 1 First of all you need to retrieve the Twitter search results as RSS feed. This can be done by navigating to the following URL: http://search.


This post explains the second demo that I showed at my SharePoint Saturday Belgium presentation. The second demo was about XSLT statements. XSLT statements are used to put a conditional test against the data source you are using. For example: If my value is equal to “deferred” than show or do this.


On the SharePoint Saturday Belgium I gave an introduction presentation about XSLT (Slides). In the following blog post series, consisting of three parts, I will step by step explain my given demos. Selecting Data With XSLT The first demo that I gave was about selecting data with XSLT. The best way to start with this is to create an empty web part page and use a Data View Web Part.


When you want to create a rollup from all discussion board (or a specific one) in SharePoint, you will notice that the Content Query Web Part does not have an appropriate style for it. Every out of the box style from the Content Query Web Part returns the following result.


Adding properties to timer jobs could be handy if you want to set the reference to a particular site collection, or if you want to set some parameters that are needed to run the job. You could add these properties just like you would add properties to a SharePoint site.