Do something after all refiners templates have completed rendering

January 22, 2016

If you created your own display templates, you most probably have used the AddPostRenderCallback function. The AddPostRenderCallback function allows you to execute code once the display template completed rendering and this function can be used in every template (control, item, …). Now when you are creating your own refiner display templates and want to do something once all the refiners are rendered, the first approach would be to create a AddPostRenderCallback function in the refinement control template.

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People refinement made easy by adding profile pictures

September 14, 2015

In various SharePoint environments I see that clients mostly use the predefined refiners that you get from an out of the box search center. These refiners could of course help your users to find the right results, but they can always be made better. The author refiner for example can simply be more useful by adding the user his or her profile picture next to their name.

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