Image Dimensions

Image Renditions and December Cumulative Update SharePoint 2013

January 29, 2014

Once you’ve updated your environment with the Cumulative Update of December 2013, it could happen that you see the following errors popping up in your ULS logs: Format Exception: Input string was not in a correct format. The problem occurs if you provisioned your image renditions to the site collection via the PublishingImageRenditions.

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Provision Image Renditions to your SharePoint 2013 Site

June 20, 2013

In SharePoint 2013 you have the functionality to create renditions for your images. This allows you to use the same image but with different dimensions in your design. Most of the information you find about this topic is most about using it for different devices, so that you can use a smaller version for a mobile device, and the default one for a desktop.

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