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Speaking at SharePoint Saturday Munich and Oslo

August 4, 2015

I am pleased to announce two other events where I will be speaking in October.

#SPSMuc - October 10, 2015

Munich will be something special, it will be the first time that Thomas Vochten and I will do a session together. We are going to do a session about SharePoint Search targeted for the IT Pro and Developer audience.

SharePoint Saturday Munich
SharePoint Saturday Munich

An IT Pro and a developer walk into a bar - SharePoint Search happy hour (lvl: 200)

Out of the box, SharePoint Search is pretty good. But do you know what it takes to bring your users’ search experience to the next level? This session will present you with an all-you-can-eat menu of smaller and bigger tweaks to your search engine. From setting up and scaling the infrastructure needed - with a bit of hybrid sprinkled on top - to mixing the right cocktail of user interface tweaks and optimizations to get your users actually using search. Developers and administrators unite to create a better search engine!

SharePoint Saturday Munich - October 10, 2015

#SPSOslo - October 17, 2015

In Oslo I will be speaking about improving the SharePoint search experience for your users.

Implementing a better search experience (lvl: 100)

Most companies that are using SharePoint do not invest any time and money in their Enterprise Search. Users get frustrated when they do not find their documents, or do not have a clue how to find them. This session shows the technical possibilities how you could implement a better search experience for your users. The content is built upon the context of a novice and expert users. These two types of users need to be approached differently. Where novice users needs guidance when searching for their documents, expert users needs to have triggers to discover new content.

SharePoint Saturday Oslo - October 17, 2015