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Speaking at SharePoint Saturday London and Barcelona

July 2, 2015

I am pleased to tell you that I will be speaking at two new SharePoint Saturday events in London and Barcelona.

#SPSLondon - July 11, 2015

In London I will do a new session about my tips and trick for creating search display templates.

Search display templates tips and tricks (lvl: 200)

Everyone has its own ways on creating display templates for SharePoint. Some of you just modify existing one’s; others are creating magnificent templates from scratch. During this session I give away my personal tips and tricks about creating these display templates. You will learn to write your code in a better way, which useful functions you could use, how to start debugging these templates, etc.

Link to the event

#SPSBCN - September 26, 2015

In Barcelona I will be speaking about how to improve your SharePoint search experience.

Implementing a better search experience (lvl: 100)

Most companies that are using SharePoint do not invest any time and money in their Enterprise Search. Users get frustrated when they do not find their documents, or do not have a clue how to find them. This session shows the technical possibilities how you could implement a better search experience for your users. The content is built upon the context of a novice and expert users. These two types of users need to be approached differently. Where novice users needs guidance when searching for their documents, expert users needs to have triggers to discover new content.

Link to the event