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SharePoint Konferenz 2016 wrap-up

This week I spoke at the SharePoint Konferenz in Erding, Germany. It was not a very big conference, but that does not mean that it cannot be great. The speaker line-up was amazing and the attendees were very engaging.

Info: here is a link to the event site -

I hereby want to thank the organization which gave me the opportunity to speak at their event.

The slides of my two talks are available here:

Integrating Office UI fabric in your applications or add-ins

**Description: **Now that we are all creating add-ins in SharePoint or on Office 365. It is important that these add-ins look and feel the same as if Microsoft would have built them. Office UI fabric enables you to use a set of controls that Microsoft also uses on Office 365. During this session you will get an overview of the capabilities from Office UI fabric and how you can integrate this in your own add-ins.

Search display templates tips and tricks

**Description: **Everyone has its own ways on creating display templates for SharePoint. Some of you just modify existing one’s; others are creating magnificent templates from scratch. During this session I give away my personal tips and tricks about creating these search display templates. You will learn to write your code in a better way, which useful functions you could use, how to start debugging these templates, etc. doesn’t exist anymore, so the slide deck links were pulled from the post


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