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Long version

Elio Struyf is an independent Belgium-based Engineering Lead, Blogger, and Public Speaker whose tenacity, determination, and drive have all earned him the reputation as a trusted thought leader in the information technology space. Deeply passionate about what he does for a living, he is a firm believer in following your dreams no matter what. To him, one’s profession should also be their purpose. Furthermore, he believes that we only have this one life to live, so we should spend that life feeling truly fulfilled both professionally and personally.

Throughout the last decade, Elio has gained extensive experience in Office 365 and SharePoint development. Within those 10 years, he was deemed a Microsoft MVP five consecutive times and has been recognized as a SharePoint/Office 365 Top 25 Influencer three times.

Elio’s inspiration for his blog began back in 2010 when he was facing a challenge that took him several days to overcome. The moment he found that solution, he realized how much he wanted to share his findings with the world. That’s when his blog was born. Fast-forward two years, and he expanded his horizons by dabbling in the public speaking arena. After speaking at a local BIWUG community ( event and becoming their VP a year later, he knew this was yet another way he could not only connect with others but share valuable knowledge with them. What was once a fear of public speaking ultimately turned into an obsession.

When he isn’t helping fellow IT developers, you can find Elio Struyf on his bike, coding, gaming (the Final Fantasy games are his favorite), binge-watching anime, or building random structures with Legos.

Short version

Elio Struyf is an independent Engineering Lead, Blogger, and Speaker on a mission to share his tried-and-true wisdom with as many IT developers as possible. Armed with a deep-rooted passion for all things information technology, he has always been of the belief that one’s job should go beyond something that just “pays the bills”. What you do for a living should leave you feeling inspired every day of your life. For the last 10 years, he has been immersed in Office 365 and SharePoint development, earning multiple awards along the way. He has also had the opportunity to share his know-how at various speaking engagements and create articles for his blog that help others on their professional journeys.


Learn how you can start UI testing your solutions

  • Audience: DEV
  • Level: 300

Testing, testing, and testing. Testing is the key to the success of building great solutions, but eventually, things might fail. Are you prepared for it?

These problems could be related to a new implementation which you did incorrectly, or something changed on the platform. Being prepared for these changes is very important. UI Testing provides you this capability, but it is not a click-click solution. You will require some tools and practices to get you started.

In this session, Elio will guide you through the process of setting up a UI testing process with Cypress, writing your first tests, and showing the results to your developers and testers. Are you interested in how UI testing can improve your quality? Come and check out this session.

How Pro Developers and Citizen Developers can team up - a #BetterTogether Story

  • Audience: Business - DEV
  • Level: 100
  • Co-speaker: Luise Freese

No Code/Low Code applications like Microsoft Power Platform get more and more adopted by Citizen Developers in both small businesses and larger enterprises.

In this session, you learn more about the benefits and risks of fostering Citizen Development in your organization, like, for instance, mastering licensing and support. We tell you about why and how developers should take care to control processes & govern data.

Understand why training users to become Power Users will result in lower pressure on the development team and ease the achievement of business goals.
Explore how developers & Citizen Developers are part of a #bettertogether story to drive digital transformation across your organization.

Getting started with Azure DevOps for the reluctant IT Pro

Developers and IT operations working together. Does that sound like a dream too good to be true? It’s all about delivering value: releasing new features, fixing bugs, making sure the system performs as promised, or deploys predictably. That’s precisely the promise of Azure DevOps.

We will demystify buzzwords such as continuous integration and delivery but also demo how you can provision new test environments automatically or make sure you have the latest build ready to test when you arrive at work in the morning. If you’re an IT Pro only working with PowerShell - that’s code too!

Make no mistake: successfully establishing a real DevOps culture will give your company a clear competitive advantage, even if you’re not building a product. This session will provide you with a headstart in the tools involved, so you’ll want to start using Azure DevOps the moment you walk out of the session room.

From class- to functional-components. Making sense of the latest functionality in React.

  • Audience: DEV
  • Level: 300

Many of us developers that built SharePoint Framework solutions did it with React. In most cases, you started writing your first components as so-called class-components, but did you know there are other ways?

React keeps on improving, SharePoint Framework keeps on adapting to support the latest versions of its dependencies. Improvement is essential, but also require us to slow down for a second and explore these improvements to see what value they can bring to our solutions. Slowing down and taking a moment to explore is what this session is all about.

In this session, you get an overview of the latest functionality in React. Like what is the difference between these class- and functional-components. Are React Hooks only buzz, or does it actually at value? Want to know more, come, and check out this session.

Azure DevOps for SharePoint Framework from A to Z

  • Audience: DEV - ITPro
  • Level: 200/300

If you just started to dip your toes in the wonderful world of Azure DevOps there is a lot of things to discover. Usually, you start by automating your builds and installations, but there is more to explore. In this session, Elio shows how you can extend the basic build/release pipelines with automated unit-tests, static code analysis, environment provisioning, and automated UI tests. This ultimate pipeline gives you a good idea of what you can achieve with Azure DevOps, but more importantly, it shows how to create the optimal path from coding your solution to getting it provisioned on an environment with the validation that the solution is working.

Getting started with Azure DevOps for SharePoint Framework projects

  • Audience: DEV - ITPro
  • Level: 300

SharePoint Framework is one of the most rapidly evolving and adopted developer platforms today. To create new solutions, it requires that the developer runs a couple of commands in order to bundle/package its solutions. By implementing a good DevOps plan, this manual work can all be automated. In this session, we will create a whole continuous integration and delivery pipeline on Azure DevOps that will automatically do all the required tasks for you. By attending this session, you will learn more about the whole application lifecycle of releasing your solutions to your end-users.

YAML what? Get to understand YAML pipelines better for your CI/CD processes

  • Audience: DEV - ITPro
  • Level: 300

Over the last couple of years, when automating your CI/CD processes in Azure DevOps (or VSTS previously). We all had to do this via the task/UI driven approach. The task/UI driven approach was easy to create and configure, but once you applied changes, this could start breaking earlier versions. YAML pipelines solve a lot of these issues. In this session, we take a look at the benefits of using these YAML pipelines, how to configure them, and to quickly convert an old build/release pipeline to the new standard. If you are interested in knowing more about the new standard, then this session is definitely for you.

Improving the performance of your SharePoint Framework solutions

  • Audience: DEV
  • Level: 300

It is relatively easy to start with SharePoint Framework development, but do you also know how to maintain your code? In larger projects, it tends to happen that over time, the performance starts to decrease. This performance decrease is, of course, an unwanted behaviour, but how do you solve this? What approaches do you take to make your solutions more performant again?

In this session, we’ll take a look at a couple of tips and tricks you could use to write better and more performant solutions for SharePoint Framework, because we all know, end-users don’t like to wait.

Things I learned while building a product on SharePoint Modern

  • Audience: DEV
  • Level: 200

Building a product is an awesome thing to do. You can look at it as a never-ending project. Each day, you try to make the product better, implement new features and functionality, but that comes with challenges. We are building on top of another platform. Which means we have to keep up with new capabilities, changing APIs, or even breaking changes.

In this session, I will tell you more about my story of what I learned or encountered while I was building a product on top of SharePoint. It gives you some insights on how you can cope with these changes and how you can apply it to your projects. As not every one of you is building a product, this session is still in your interest. As changes to the platform will keep happening, you better be prepared for these changes. This session will help you understand the impact that it can have on your projects.

You will learn more about SharePoint Framework, Azure, and Office 365 development. All of this will be highlighted by various demos.

Behind the scenes of building a modern SharePoint product

  • Audience: DEV
  • Level: 200/300

Ever wondered what’s going on behind the scenes when building a product? Want to know more about Azure DevOps CI/CD, localization management, maintaining multiple SharePoint Framework projects, and more? In this session, Elio takes you on tour through how one of the products he is working on gets built/released/managed/…

This session highlights various developer topics starting from the initial project structure to the automated provisioning of test environments. If you are a developer and looking for tips & tricks to streamline the development processes of your projects, or are interested in knowing how we built our products. Then this session is for you.

Sessions to be created

  • E2E testing why should you start doing this right now
  • Take your E2E testing to the next level with Playwright