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  • Role: Lead DevTools Engineer
  • Company: Struyf Consulting
  • Location: Belgium
  • Website:
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  • MVP Nr: 5001411
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Elio Struyf has led a remarkable career as an award-winning Engineering Lead, a trusted information technology thought-leader, and an energizing public speaker with over a decade of experience facilitating events and conferences across Europe.

Over his career, he has been invited to numerous cities including Barcelona, London, Paris, and Stockholm, where he has spoken on thought-provoking, development-related topics on Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and Azure DevOps. His extensive knowledge has seen him recognized as a Microsoft MVP nine times, twice as a GitHub Star, a Google Developer Experts, and he has been recognized as a SharePoint/Microsoft 365 Top 25 Influencer four times.

Today, along with acting as VP of BIWUG (Belgian Information Worker User Group), Elio works as an independent contractor for his own consulting company, Struyf Consulting.

Elio remains a sought-after speaker at various Microsoft-related community events and conferences, where he inspires, educates, and creates authentic connections with technology professionals and developers across Europe.


The novice: a journey to start developing VS Code extensions

  • Audience: Developers
  • Level: 200

The novice journey to develop VS Code extensions begins with a single step. With the right knowledge and resources, any developer can become an expert in creating extensions. Join this session as we explore the fundamentals of extension development and get started on your own journey.

The proficient: a journey through the advanced development options in VS Code extensions

  • Audience: Developers
  • Level: 300

So Visual Studio Code extension development is not new to you? Cool! Let us discover more advanced options together to implement more advanced features. In this session, Elio shows you how to build your own experiences, from creating your tree view to custom webviews that interact with the extension layer. Want to take the next step in your extension development? Come and join this session.

Closing the door for attacks on your Azure Functions

  • Audience: Developers
  • Level: 200

You might have some Azure Functions hosts up and running for providing services/APIs, but what if someone starts flooding these with calls? How do you prevent this from happening? In this session, Elio walks you through some steps you can perform to ensure that your services can keep running without any performance risks and increased costs.

Lightning talk: Get started with Front Matter CMS to manage your site

  • Audience: any
  • Level: 100
  • Length: 5min

Are you looking for a CMS to manage your site? Front Matter is a Visual Studio Code extension that provides CMS functionality, so you never have to leave your editor. In this lightning talk, Elio will guide you through the installation and configuration process to know the proper steps when you start using it.

Manage your static site with Front Matter CMS

  • Audience: any
  • Level: 100 | 200
  • Length: 45min

You want to go for a static website but don’t want to lose the content management features of your previous site. That is one reason why Elio started developing Front Matter CMS. In this talk, Elio will guide you through the process of creating a new static site and managing its content with Front Matter. This overview allows you to create and manage your static sites with ease.

The future is APIs, and here is how you can benefit from it

  • Audience: DEV | makers
  • Level: 200

We have been developing applications that serve a single purpose for a long time. For a couple of years, this has been changing. Enterprises are adopting quickly the new trend of going API first, but are you ready for it?

Sure, you might know you have been using APIs for many years. Probably you use them every day, but why should you think API first? Is it the same as the previous trend called mobile-first?

In this session, Elio will walk you through this fundamental change in building applications these days. We start with a brief overview of what APIs can mean for you and your applications to consume them.

Are you a developer, maker, or decision-maker? Then this session is something for you, as this will change how you start your next project(s).

Create an integrated experience with Viva Connections

  • Audience: DEV
  • Level: 300

You already got a solution in production that many of your users are using daily. That is great, but did you know you can enhance the user experience by integrating your solution to use Viva Connections?

In this session, Elio will walk you through the steps to take your solution to integrate nicely with Viva Connections and let your solution benefit from Viva Connections.

We will start with an overview of the building blocks, and then move on to the integration process between an app/solution and Viva Connections cards.

Create, maintain, and deploy your new static site

  • Audience: DEV
  • Level: 300

Are you up for a challenge? Well, so am I! Let us build a new static website from scratch during this session. Elio will go through all the steps from locally installing the dependencies to deploying them to Azure.

Are you thinking of migrating your site or starting a new website project? Then you cannot miss this session. You will learn more about Static-Site Generators, how to manage your static content and the various deployment options.

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