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Long version

Elio Struyf is an independent Belgium-based Engineering Lead, Blogger, and Public Speaker whose tenacity, determination, and drive have all earned him the reputation as a trusted thought leader in the information technology space. Deeply passionate about what he does for a living, he is a firm believer in following your dreams no matter what. To him, one’s profession should also be their purpose. Furthermore, he believes that we only have this one life to live, so we should spend that life feeling truly fulfilled both professionally and personally.

Throughout the last decade, Elio has gained extensive experience in Azure, Microsoft 365, and Visual Studio Code extension development. Within those +10 years, he was deemed a Microsoft MVP seven consecutive times, he became a GitHub Star, and has been recognized as a SharePoint/Office 365 Top 25 Influencer three times.

Elio’s inspiration for his blog began back in 2010 when he was facing a challenge that took him several days to overcome. The moment he found that solution, he realized how much he wanted to share his findings with the world. That’s when his blog was born. Fast-forward two years, and he expanded his horizons by dabbling in the public speaking arena. After speaking at a local BIWUG community ( event and becoming their VP a year later, he knew this was yet another way he could not only connect with others but share valuable knowledge with them. What was once a fear of public speaking ultimately turned into an obsession.

When he isn’t helping fellow IT developers, you can find Elio Struyf on his bike, coding, gaming (the Final Fantasy games are his favorite), binge-watching anime, or building random structures with Legos.

Short version

Elio Struyf is an independent Lead DevTools Engineer, Blogger, and Speaker on a mission to share his tried-and-true wisdom with as many IT developers as possible. Armed with a deep-rooted passion for all things information technology, he has always been of the belief that one’s job should go beyond something that just “pays the bills”. What you do for a living should leave you feeling inspired every day of your life. For the last +10 years, he has been immersed in Azure, Microsoft 365, and Visual Studio Code extension development, earning multiple awards along the way. He has also had the opportunity to share his know-how at various speaking engagements and create articles for his blog that help others on their professional journeys.


The future is APIs, and here is how you can benefit from it.

  • Audience: DEV | makers
  • Level: 200

We have been developing applications that serve a single purpose for a long time. For a couple of years, this has been changing. Enterprises are adopting quickly the new trend of going API first, but are you ready for it?

Sure, you might know you have been using APIs for many years. Probably you use them every day, but why should you think API first? Is it the same as the previous trend called mobile-first?

In this session, Elio will walk you through this fundamental change in building applications these days. We start with a brief overview of what APIs can mean for you and your applications to consume them.

Are you a developer, maker, or decision-maker? Then this session is something for you, as this will change how you start your next project(s).

Create an integrated experience with Viva Connections

  • Audience: DEV
  • Level: 300

You already got a solution in production that many of your users are using daily. That is great, but did you know you can enhance the user experience by integrating your solution to use Viva Connections?

In this session, Elio will walk you through the steps to take your solution to integrate nicely with Viva Connections and let your solution benefit from Viva Connections.

We will start with an overview of the building blocks, and then move on to the integration process between an app/solution and Viva Connections cards.

Create, maintain, and deploy your new static site

  • Audience: DEV
  • Level: 300

Are you up for a challenge? Well, so am I! Let us build a new static website from scratch during this session. Elio will go through all the steps from locally installing the dependencies to deploying them to Azure.

Are you thinking of migrating your site or starting a new website project? Then you cannot miss this session. You will learn more about Static-Site Generators, how to manage your static content and the various deployment options.

Building your own developer tools for Visual Studio Code

  • Audience: DEV
  • Level: 300

We all have repetitive tasks that we need to do every day. For example, starting a new project in your company requires a couple of steps, creating a new folder, creating a new file, and so on. What if you could automate these tasks? In this session, Elio will walk you through the steps to create your own developer tools for Visual Studio Code. You will learn and see how fun it is to develop your own tools for Visual Studio Code.