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  • Nigel Price

    Hi Elio -Happy New Year ! – is the SPFx web part going to be the subject of another article ? What about the ‘new’ search experience which is supposed to being rolled out about now ? Will that work with this metadata ?

    • @nigel_price:disqus the metadata is indexed, so you can search for it. Don’t have any information about what the new search experience will behind the scenes, but I do not think they will only focus on the default metadata and ignore the custom.

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  • Thomas

    How so you add the spfx webpart to the page itself, in order to set custom properties? My scenario, I want to add the possibility for the user to target a newly created news page directly in the edit experience of the page, instead of going to the site page library and edit the property after the page is saved.

    • In that case, you will have to take the last approach in which you have to create your own content type.

      • Thomas

        Hmm, do not know if you understood me correctly. I have a a own content type with a specific field. I want to set that field when I edit the page, instead of going to the site pages list, and edit the item to set the property. I would like to “inject” the webpart in the page itself (like you do with classic pagelayouts”.

        • Ok, I see. In that case, you could built an SPFx extension that could check an update it for you. So that when you open the page in edit mode an configuration panel appears. That would be doable with SPFx extensions.

        • Thomas

          Alright, good idea. I guess an Application Customizer? I will look into that.

        • Yes indeed.

  • GilRoitto

    I’m not sure what you mean by “Info: If you use this approach, the metadata will get added in the page content too.”. Having a column in a custom content type that inherits Site Page and then use that Content Type as default does nothing to the page itself or the creation. Metadata has to be set from the SitePages list or a custom SPFX Webpart.

    • Metadata from modern pages also gets added in the page its content. Check the screenshot above with the highlighted CustomLocation metadata field.

      • GilRoitto

        Thanks for the clarification. That conforms with my observations that the metadata data is not visible or editable from the page view.

  • Praveen

    But, when I tested back then (6-7 months back), it don’t honor the required fields. Also there is no UI to prompt the required fields on SAVE/Publish. Probably a loop hole in the complete process of pretending a publishing page scenario which is using content types in Modern sites.

    • It is indeed a pitty that you cannot enforce it at the moment. Using some sort of approval flow behind the scenes might solve it.