Adding Properties to Timer Jobs

April 13, 2012

Adding properties to timer jobs could be handy if you want to set the reference to a particular site collection, or if you want to set some parameters that are needed to run the job.

You could add these properties just like you would add properties to a SharePoint site.

The following code can be used to add a property to the timer job at the creation process.

// Create new timer job
TimerJob timerJob = new TimerJob("TimerJobName", site.WebApplication);
// Add property to timer job
timerJob.Properties.Add("Property_Name", "Property_Value");

To read the property in the timer job, you could use the following code.

String propertyValue = (string)Properties["Property_Name"];

Most of the time I use these properties to specify the site collection for which the timer job needs to run, or define a value for querying items.


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