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Along with acting as VP of BIWUG (Belgian Information Worker User Group), Elio is an independent contractor for his own consulting company, Struyf Consulting.

Locally running and testing your custom GitHub Action

When developing a custom GitHub Action, you should test and run it locally before pushing it to your repository. Initially, I created a script that allowed me to run it locally, but over the weekend, I found a better way by using the @github/local-action command-line tool. Show image GitHub local-action debugger In this post, I will show you how to use the @github/local-action command-line tool to test your custom GitHub Action locally.

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Automatically create GitHub issues on failed Playwright tests

As various projects I maintain for customers include end-to-end (E2E) tests using Playwright, which run on a daily schedule and on every new release, I wanted to automate following up on failed tests. Instead of manually creating issues, I automated the process using GitHub Actions and the GitHub API. This worked great, but I thought to myself, why not share this with the world?

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Dispatch a GitHub Action workflow with Github script action

You can use the GitHub Actions workflow repository_dispatch event trigger to start a workflow by triggering a webhook. I use this event trigger to start a workflow for building my website when I create or update content in my blog repository. Because my website and the blog content are two separate repositories, I must use the repository_dispatch event to trigger the website build workflow.

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Override SPFx context properties during Playwright E2E tests

While creating new E2E tests for a SharePoint Framework solution, I wanted to test the solution with different permission sets. Usually, when you run your tests, you start these up with a user with the required permissions to run the tests. Instead of creating a new user with different permissions or different sites/pages to perform the tests, I looked into the possibility of overriding the context properties of SPFx.

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Reporting your Playwright tests to Microsoft Teams

When you work in a team that uses Microsoft Teams as its primary communication tool, it can be useful to report your test results directly to a Teams channel. This way, everyone on your team can quickly see the test results and act on them if needed. Show image Playwright test results in Microsoft Teams In this article, I will show you how you can report your Playwright test results to a Microsoft Teams channel.

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Centralize your project health files for your GitHub repositories

When you manage multiple repositories on GitHub, you can centralize your project health files like issue templates, pull request templates, code of conduct, and more. By centralizing those files, you can automatically reuse them across all your repositories or overwrite them when needed. You can achieve this by creating a special repository called .

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