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For one of our company events later this month, I developed a demo OWA app which could add attachments to a mail. I used the following MSDN article to achieve this: Add and remove attachments to an item in a compose form in Outlook. In the article they give a good overview, but there is...Read More →


Hover panels are one of the things that make the search experience in SharePoint 2013 a lot better, you instantly retrieve a more information about a search result. Like every other display template, the hover panel templates are easy to create. The difference with a hover panel templates is that they get referenced from within...Read More →


Today I saw a lag in the loading of the new suite bar colors on one of my SharePoint site in Office 365. The suite bar uses the O365ShellCore.css to do the styling. It turns out that when you apply a composed look to your site, the new colors are set by a new theme...Read More →


A couple of days ago I was talking with Mikael Svenson, he asked me what the $setResultItem function does. Because there is no information to be found on the internet, I wanted to share this information with everyone. This function can completly change the behaviour of your search center, so it is important to know...Read More →


It is very easy to create your own HTML display templates in SharePoint 2013, but one thing you probably miss the most, is intellisense and syntax highlighting for your JavaScript code. All the JavaScript code needs to be written in a HTML comment, which will eventually be normal JavaScript code when the HTML gets converted....Read More →


The last posts were about integrating AngularJS into display templates, and how you could optimize the code. Once you start using the templating from AngularJS it is quite easy to add extra functionality to the templates. In this post I give you a couple of additions to the template created in the previous posts. Adding...Read More →