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I receive a lot of questions about why display templates are not working or why managed properties do not contain a value. Most of the times the solution is similar to what has been already asked before, so I thought of writing this down in order that it can help everyone with similar issues. For...Read More →


Last year I did a couple of session about how to improve the search experience in your environment. In this session, I highlighted a couple of simple things that mostly stay untouched and things that can be quickly implemented. One of these key takeaways was implementing synonyms. Configuring synonyms can be done via the thesaurus...Read More →

A new way of developing display templates

on Jun 06, 2016 by Elio Struyf with no comments


Creating display templates for SharePoint is a fairly easy job, but we all have our own ways of developing them. Over the last couple of months, I barely touched managed code. Everything I do these days is mainly achieved by using JavaScript and/or TypeScript in combination with Visual Studio Code. As I really like this...Read More →


A couple of weeks ago the Office Developer Tools received its second update. These tools include the latest Office add-in project template that help you create add-ins for Excel, Word, Outlook, … Info: The Office developer tools for Visual Studio can be found here - With the help of these tools, you should get...Read More →


A couple of months ago I switch from the default WordPress search functionality to Azure search. In order to update my Azure search index, I created a web job which runs every hour and adds or updates the latest 25 posts. Each night the web job will do a full re-index of all the articles....Read More →

SharePoint Saturday Belgium 2016 is coming!

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The BIWUG board is proud to announce the sixth edition of SharePoint Saturday Belgium. This year the event will take place in Brussel on October 15th, 2016. Where will it take place? We listened to your feedback about the venue from last year and we went on a search for a new and even better location....Read More →