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This week I saw a question on StackExchange about optimizing a search page and how to get rid of the pre-loaded display templates. You can quickly check the templates that get pre-loaded by opening an OOTB SharePoint search center results page, and checking the loaded scripts via Fiddler or your browser developer tools. For a default search results...Read More →


When you create a display template that displays a publishing image (example: the roll-up image of a page) it might be that you used the Srch.ContentBySearch.getPictureMarkup() function of SharePoint. This function is also used in the standard display templates like for example: Item_Picture3Lines.html. This Srch.ContentBySearch.getPictureMarkup provides you the markup for rendering the image with the...Read More →


In my session about improving your SharePoint search experiences that I presented at SPSBE and SPSParis, I discussed various tips and tricks to improve the search experience for a user. One of these tips was about visualizing other search keyword combinations. One of the problems users may experience is that they do not know which...Read More →


Back in December 2013 I wrote an article in which I explained how you could dynamically switch the result source with a search query keyword. Note: You can find the article over here - Dynamically changing the result source in a SharePoint 2013 search center. The past few weeks I have got the same question...Read More →


A few weeks ago a customer asked me if it was possible to create a display template which visualizes article results according to the page layout that got used. This customer has various types of articles and page layouts set up in their environment. The display template was required for the main roll-up of the...Read More →


Last week I went to the SharePoint Evolution Conference, which was a great event. At the conference I attended one of Andrew Connell's sessions about a deep dive into the SharePoint REST API. During Andrew's session he explained the REST API batching functionality which is at the moment only available in SharePoint Online / Office...Read More →