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During the creation process of a demo for my SharePoint Saturday Belgium session this year, I suddenly came up with the idea to automatically update / refresh the result set of a Content Search Web Part. This could be useful when you have dashboard pages and you want to keep showing the latest items retrieved...Read More →


Some time ago I wrote a post about the missing Apps you can add zone (Missing the Apps you can add Zone When Adding a New App). The problem with it was that this zone becomes available once a particular element is found on the page. The element was placed on the page via the...Read More →


XSLT and SharePoint 2013, didn't thought I was going to use it now that we have display templates. Almost everything can be done with display templates and JavaScript these days, but you need to be careful that you don't build everything with JavaScript, because it could slow down the client experience. Another thing about rendering...Read More →


Working with cross-site publishing in SharePoint can be fun, but it can also give you some headaches. One of the things were it can go wrong is the permissions, it all seems very simple just some clicking in the UI and you're all set. That is correct, but what happens if it goes wrong? This...Read More →


In the last two blog posts, I covered how you could check which managed properties are available for the catalog item and I also explained a problem with DateTime values. In this post I'll cover the topic on how you could format the values on the client side. The reason I created this post, is...Read More →


Last week I was doing some experiments with the creation process of page layouts for a cross-site publishing site. After a couple tests with different types of data, I saw some weird behavior when using DateTime managed properties. The Catalog Item Reuse web part didn't show the value for a managed property of DateTime type....Read More →