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A couple of weeks ago somebody asked me if it was possible to create an accordion template from the grouping display template. Note: here is the original grouping template post - Grouping search results with display templates for the CSWP For these templates I made use of jQuery UI to get the accordion styling on...Read More →


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In this post is explained how you could retrieve the list or library name within a display template. The approach makes use of the available REST endpoints.Read More →


This post explains why you should not use the $includeScript function and shows the correct way of including scripts into your display template.Read More →


In this post I tell you my 10 tips and tricks that could help you when creating your display templates. Tip 1: only do your changes in the HTML files, except if you know what you are doing Best is to do your changes in the HTML version of the display template, otherwise you could...Read More →

SharePoint Saturday Belgium 2015 is coming!

on Jan 07, 2015 by Elio Struyf with no comments


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The BIWUG board is proud to announce the fifth edition of SharePoint Saturday Belgium. The event takes place on Saturday April 18th and will be held at a new venue: ALM Antwerp, Filip Williotstraat 9 - 2600 Berchem. The first 100 tickets were released on Monday January 12th, 2015 and were sold out in...Read More →


Adding custom actions to a search hover panel is completely different than when you are doing it for an item/document callout. When adding a custom action to item or document callout you will be able to override the default footer with your own custom actions. These things can be done without touching any of the...Read More →