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Adding custom actions to a search hover panel is completely different than when you are doing it for an item/document callout. When adding a custom action to item or document callout you will be able to override the default footer with your own custom actions. These things can be done without touching any of the...Read More →


Back in October 2013 I wrote a post on how you could add your custom actions in a callout like this (Adding a custom action to a callout in SharePoint 2013): This time I had the requirement to only add an action for a specific file type. Solution The solution is rather simple. Here is...Read More →

SharePoint Saturday UK wrap-up

on Dec 03, 2014 by Elio Struyf with no comments


The past weekend I went to the my second SharePoint Saturday UK. This year I was also presenting about how to take your display template skills to the next level. Apart from the wifi at the venue, everything was great. I heard that some speakers could not do their demo's due to the internet connection....Read More →


Last week I had an internal event where I did one of my new sessions: take your display template skills to the next level. One of the topics that I discuss during this session is how you can add sorting in your display templates. Note: this is something I blogged about a couple of months...Read More →


The first thing when you create a new Office App is that you have to choose which type of app you want to create. You have the following app shape types you can choose of: Task pane Content Mail Each of these app shape types is designed for a specific application. For example the mail...Read More →


Some time ago I wrote a sample Office app made use of Azure Active Directory to get access to SharePoint resources. I experienced some different behaviour in my Office App between the online client (Outlook Web App) and the rich client. This post describes the behaviour I noticed when implementing¬†Azure AD authentication in my Office...Read More →