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Some time ago I wrote a sample Office app made use of Access Control Services (ACS) and Azure Active Directory to get access to SharePoint resources. I experienced some different behaviour in my Office App between the online client (Outlook Web App) and the rich client. This post describes the behaviour I noticed when implementing...Read More →


Some time ago I posted an article about how you can check in which context your mail APP has been opened in OWA or the Outlook rich client (read the post here). I needed that solution for a proof of concept mail app. The mail app is finished, so I wanted to go a step...Read More →


These days a lot of my work is done in Office 365, but I have customers that are still working on an on-premises environment. Sometimes when switching back to an on-premises environment you could be surprised by things that are not (yet) available. This week I wanted to implement a link which goes directly to...Read More →


For a colleague I did some checks on how the view selector rendering is achieved in lists and libraries. While digging through the code I found a very useful property, which is the ClientPivotControl.prototype.SurfacedPivotCount property. This property is used to define the amount of list views that are visible on the list view selector. The...Read More →


Now that Delve is out, it is time to do some experiments with it. One of the things I wanted to test is if you can visualize results from Office Graph in your SharePoint search center. You can of course query data on the Delve page itself, but most of our users always go to...Read More →


During the development for my proof of concept mail app, I needed to know in which context my app was running. By default you have the option to set the startpage for the desktop, tablet or mobile view (Set up a mail app for Outlook on tablets and mobile devices), but you do not have...Read More →