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Last week I had an internal event where I did one of my new sessions: take your display template skills to the next level. One of the topics that I discuss during this session is how you can add sorting in your display templates. Note: this is something I blogged about a couple of months...Read More →


The first thing when you create a new Office App is that you have to choose which type of app you want to create. You have the following app shape types you can choose of: Task pane Content Mail Each of these app shape types is designed for a specific application. For example the mail...Read More →


Some time ago I wrote a sample Office app made use of Azure Active Directory to get access to SharePoint resources. I experienced some different behaviour in my Office App between the online client (Outlook Web App) and the rich client. This post describes the behaviour I noticed when implementing Azure AD authentication in my Office...Read More →


Some time ago I posted an article about how you can check in which context your mail APP has been opened in OWA or the Outlook rich client (read the post here). I needed that solution for a proof of concept mail app. The mail app is finished, so I wanted to go a step...Read More →


These days a lot of my work is done in Office 365, but I have customers that are still working on an on-premises environment. Sometimes when switching back to an on-premises environment you could be surprised by things that are not (yet) available. This week I wanted to implement a link which goes directly to...Read More →


For a colleague I did some checks on how the view selector rendering is achieved in lists and libraries. While digging through the code I found a very useful property, which is the ClientPivotControl.prototype.SurfacedPivotCount property. This property is used to define the amount of list views that are visible on the list view selector. The...Read More →