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This post describes how you can add managed property mappings to your display template that cannot be altered in the UI of the Content by Search Web Part.Read More →


A question that has been asked to me a couple of times is if it would be possible to add some settings to the Content by Search Web Part which can be leveraged inside the display templates. This could be handy when you want to develop display templates for which you want to be able...Read More →


A lot of users want to get an overview of the latest items of a list or library. Some users want to include a link to the list or library from which the items were retrieved. As this link from the search results location may vary, you should not hard code the link back to...Read More →


The out of the box list with paging display template only shows previous and next page buttons. In this post I show you how to add page numbers to it.Read More →


In the previous blog post I showed you how to create a result block with Office Graph suggestions. This was all done by three display templates. In this blog post I will describe in more detail what each of these templates does, and how I achieved it. Note: here is a link to the previous...Read More →


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There are already a various blog posts that show the power and value of Office Graph / Delve for your organisation, but not everyone will go to the Delve page to find their results. You also have your SharePoint search center were a lot of your users will go through to find their documents because...Read More →